Year: <span>2009</span>
Year: 2009

Intl Round Table on Radio Diversity

Representatives from Europe, the USA and Japan attended the International Round Table on Radio Diversity, held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), to share the latest findings from private industry, national regulators, academia and research institutes. Mobikyo founders took part, along with other experts, to discuss Europe’s wireless communication schemes which are under increasing stress and fail to deliver the full competitive benefits that citizens expect from their radio regulators.

NTT Collaborates with Conexus

NTT Communications announced today that it has agreed with Conexus Mobile Alliance, a cooperative association of Asia-Pacific mobile operators, to deliver enterprise smartphone solutions that multinational corporations can use to support their expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. As part of providing these solutions, NTT Com also will offer consultation on applicable smartphones and tariff plans in countries/regions where Conexus members have a presence. NTT Com began providing Global Messaging solutions on April 1 of this year.