LiMo Foundation in Tokyo
LiMo Foundation in Tokyo

LiMo Foundation in Tokyo

LiMo Foundation in Tokyo

Morgan Gillis from the LiMO Foundation in Tokyo to discuss platforms and competitive challenges for domestic handset makers in global markets [JPN]

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Is there means of escape in “LiMo” of portable OS market

“The LiMo platform is offering the reason to the overseas deployment that doesn’t overwork to the mobile phone carrier in Japan. “–?Executive director’s Morgan Gillis talked so by the press conference of LiMo Foundation held at the hotel in Tokyo on November 9. “iPhone” “Android (android)” and “Symbian (Symbian)” “Windows Mobile”, etc. develop the fierce battle as for portable OS, and a portable vender in Japan has fallen into “Isolation in the paradise” state where the keep away from from an international market. Does the LiMo platform really promise overseas progress of Japanese power?( [koikeyoji] of journalist in U.S. IT)

– Portable OS group of Japan initiation

It is famous because a major, portable entrepreneurs such as NTT DoCoMo, British Vodafone, and French oranges are arranging my face to the establishment member as for LiMo. It has been occupied by that 70 percent or more in a Panasonic mobile communications and NEC since 2008 though the terminal that uses LiMo platform “R1” is put on the market by 44 models. In that sense, it can be said portable OS group of very few Japan initiations.

This press release was done in commemoration of the Europe development of the LiMo terminal. Two models the “Vodafone 360 Samsung H1” and “This M1” were announced by Vodafone based on latest platform “R2” of LiMo on September 24. It is a terminal that symbolizes the Europe development of LiMo.

– Terminal platform of neutral type

Then, at what position does the LiMo platform aim?The above-mentioned Gillis emphasizes “Terminal platform that doesn’t depend on any company” as the feature of LiMo. These are the following meanings.

For instance, Mac OS for original iPhone is installed in iPhone of Apple. Moreover, a browser and the application development kit, etc. also arrange all things only for iPhone. The purpose of this is to draw out a hard ability of iPhone to its maximum, and the model of portable OS that depends on the terminal. Similarly, “BlackBerry” and Palm, etc. in Canada RIM(Research In Motion) can be classified with terminal vender dependence type OS.

On the other hand, Windows Mobile, Android, and Symbian, etc. depend on the parent company that develops. To demonstrate Microsoft application and the synergy effect, Windows Mobile is designed. Android depends similarly in Google and Symbian depends on Nokia. It can be said that these are portable OS that depends on the development enterprise.

Then, how about LiMo?LiMo is portable OS that jointly develops only the core part based on Mobile Linux of open source. Even if OS part is the same, the portable each vender company can freely choose a certain virtual machine and browser, etc.Moreover, a favorite user interface can be adopted, and the application be developed originally. This is a reason for “Terminal platform that doesn’t depend on any company”.

– Advantage big depending on usage

However, dependence type OS and joint development type OS have good and bad points respectively. The former can be able to optimize the function with a specific terminal, and to reduce the load of the application development like Android and iPhone, etc.Moreover, cooperation with the personal computer application program can be pursued like Windows Mobile. The terminal vender should bear all such parts to joint development type OS.

It is easy for the person to be high for a major, portable vender who has already had a brand and a portable application program, etc. degree of freedom “Do not depend anywhere” straightening strategic, and to assemble the license strategy after reversing. In a word, I am looking “There is a possibility of inventing a big advantage” portable OS according to the usage LiMo.

The Verizon cordless of the U.S. and portable biggest business who is the member of the fact and LiMo Foundation gropes for portable OS that can succeed to the original user interface that this company has developed up to now from the inside title in the subordinate position model while BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android system terminal are adopted for the high-end model that centers on a smart phone. This company is paying attention to the LiMo platform as the candidate.

All the cellular users need not request a high performance terminal. Hereafter, the Nakashita title model for whom can it be easy to use simply, and use the data transmission service of the minimum is important. Especially, the key role will be borne in the market cultivation of the rising nation. If LiMo aims there, it will be able to be said an indeed reasonable approach.

Japan initiation of the fierce battle district?

Thus, a lot of portable OS makes the best use of each feature, and aims at each market. However, the change that has a big influence on the market might occur several years later. It is appearance of “Virtual OS” for the portable terminal.

Major visualization OS vender is positively advancing the product development for a mobile terminal now. If virtual OS is used, one ..two or more OS environment.. terminal keeps available. For instance, it becomes possible to use by switching Symbian and Android of each application. Of course, will it increase so far and the diversification of the application advance though the load to the terminal is large.

Then, what evaluation LiMo receives is not understood. The feature of LiMo that specializes in a simple, easy-to-use inside subordinate position model might be found useful, and there is a possibility that value as “Neutral OS” falls oppositely, too.

The global launch of the LiMo platform is not easy when thinking about such various advance hints. However, high expectations of LiMo that tries to expand a portable culture of Japan to the world hang still as a trial.