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About Us

About Us

From the Heart of a ®evolution

Wireless Watch Japan is the original, independent English news source focused on Japan’s mobile business. Since our humble debut in 2001, see the 10th anniversary post here, WWJ became one of the most popular and trusted voices covering the emerging industry for a global audience from ‘ground zero’ in Tokyo. Our subscriber list includes tech analysts, executives, engineers, marketers, media, developers and researchers from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, savvy followers who understand industry action in Japan will continue to impact markets worldwide. Simply put – long before mobile was ‘cool’ – we were a canary in the coal mine, noting our 100th Web Video Program was released in May 2004, a full year before Youtube launched.

A division of Mobikyo, the company also runs passion projects under Smile Ventures, manages the MobileMonday community network, operates guided executive mission support for in-bound clients and provides related research and advisory services.

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