FMBC Smart Platform Seminar
FMBC Smart Platform Seminar

FMBC Smart Platform Seminar

FMBC Smart Platform Seminar

As part of the upcoming Mobidec event, SSK has announced a seminar session the afternoon of Nov.26 focused on Fixed Mobile Broadcast Convergence [JPN]

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SSK (new society Japan Institute of System Research) holds the seminar entitled “FMBC smart platform and elemental technology of KDDI” on November 26.

The date: 1:30PM, Thursday, November 26, 2009 – 5:00PM
Hall: Meiji Kinenkan
Tokyo Minato Ward former Akasaka 2-2-23

– Content of emphasis lecture

Background and explanation of the entire system of < 1> development
KDDI Ltd. Doctor of Engineering of section chief of FMBC network promotion room
Satoshi Miyaji (seeing and [jisatoshi] )

A fixed net in recent years, the speed-ups of a mobile net, and the digitalizations of the image delivery technology waited for the aspect, and it became a situation in which a great number of contents such as multi channel broadcasting, this video on demand, Internet video, user generation media (CGM), and mobile videos of cable television/FTTH in addition to a past ground wave and satellite broadcasting began to overflow in the world. It is extremely important for can quickly reach contents that watch at last by the user to be requested, and to offer the best for each watching environment, that is, ambient, adaptive contents watching form at the time of an individual watching in the age of the flood of such contents. KDDI united mobile fixation (Fixed) to satisfy these demands and (Mobile) and broadcasting (Broadcasting) and developed FMBC smart platform where an advanced content delivery was enabled.

In this lecture, it explains the background and the system architecture of development, and an individual elemental technology is explained in detail by the lecture following it.

1. Current state of image delivery service
2. Outline of image delivery technology(cable television, FTTH, and IPTV)
3. Proposal of “Contents new watching style for cellular phone × television”
4. Concept of wholeness discernment of FMBC smart platform
5. Question and answer

Advanced [rekomendo] technology that uses < 2> cellular phone remote control
Doctor of Engineering of chief researcher of laboratory intelligence media group Ltd. KDDI
Tomohiro Ono ([onochihiro] )

Recently, it is not easy to look for contents that exist in the preference of the individual from huge information though the style to which a shop and a restaurant, etc. interesting with catch a TV program are retrieved with the cellular phone and PC has increased. Therefore, it is important to use the cellular phone screen where it is required to use it as an information presentation destination by the television screen and the individual where two or more viewers share the screen properly appropriately though the [rekomendo] technology that recommended presents information in consideration of an individual preference is paid attention.

Then, it introduces the [rekomendo] technology to recommended present contents (Web site and animation) related to the program that agrees with the viewer’s preference while watching the program as the cellular phone cooperates with the television on on the cellular phone telephone and the television in this lecture.

1. [Rekomendo] technology overview
2. Outline of recommendation of contents related to program system
3. Watching user detection technology
4. Individual preference presumption technology
5. Group preference presumption technology
6. Question and answer

< 3> intuition thumbnail extraction technology
Laboratory super-realistic sensations communication group research chief examiner Ltd. KDDI
[Kannoka] ([suganomasaru] )

The hard disk recorder spreads, and the time shifting watching that enjoys the recorded program at favorite time is established in recent years. However, the scene in the program and the program wanting to see is requested from the device of visibility [yoku] retrieval [surutame] because there are a lot of numbers of recording programs, and is no time to watch the whole volume of the program. That is, the technology that extracts the thumbnail to be able to understand the content of the program intuitively in the scene that composes the program is needed.

In this lecture, the important scene that those who produce the image want to emphasize is detected from the “Production technique” generally and automatically for the program with the intention to introduce the important information such as commodities and stores clearly, and it explains the technology that extracts it as an intuition thumbnail.

1. Necessity of important scene detection
2. Important scene detection by pattern detection
3. Important scene detection by production technique presumption
4. Extraction of amount of image feature
5. Associating of amount of image feature and production technique
6. Application of this technology
7. Question and answer

< 4> television digest watching technology
Doctor of Engineering Ltd. KDDI of laboratory intelligence media group

Even if the cellular phone from which One Seg is seen is natural, the person who is actually looking at One Seg with the cellular phone in the platform and the train is unexpectedly little. Certainly, One Seg is convenient for the usage of in real time confirming the process etc. of the sports relay. However, there is worry to which the time that was settled to some degree is necessary for seeing the drama, the variety, and news, etc. with the cellular phone, and the battery cuts, too. Then, it introduces the technology that generates contents of the picture story show style automatically from the broadcasting program data with the title. The voice is converted by the automatic operation in textual information, and becomes possible to see the whole volume of the program while riffling through like the picture story show ..image.. still picture as a result it.

1. The television program to contents that is appropriate for the space time watching
2. Introduction of picture story show style contents
3. Problem when high-quality contents are generated
4. Title plastic operation, title, timing correction of image, and introduction of each technique of still picture selection
5. Application of this technology
6. Question and answer

< 5> Demonstration

– Media crossing recommendation watching
– Television digest watching
– News watching for cellular phone television
– Family contents recommendation watching
– Scene navigation by intuition thumbnail