XNA Game Software Contest
XNA Game Software Contest

XNA Game Software Contest

XNA Game Software Contest

Microsoft has announced a game developers contest challenging Japanese creators to submit concepts destined for Xbox 360 & WiMo devices [JPN]

Machine Translation

“Microsoft the XNA game software contest 2010”

– For Xbox 360, Windows, and Windows phone

Microsoft holds the contest intended for Xbox 360, Windows, and Windows phone “Microsoft the XNA game software contest 2010” of the game work. The application acceptance of the work was begun on November 17, 2009.

“Microsoft the XNA game software contest 2010” is the one done aiming to offer the chance to present the idea of the game to the creator aiming at the main platform of Microsoft including Xbox 360. It is held concurrently to excavate the creator in the future, and this time becomes the third holding as a contest intended for the software produced with XNA Game Studio domestically.

In this contest, the Windows phone section is newly newly established in addition to Xbox 360 and the Windows section until the past, and it will hold it by three sections in total. Windows phone is a portable terminal of just the recent announcement equipped with Windows Mobile OS. The Windows phone section is the one newly established as part of the approach though Microsoft is promoting the approach that connects three screens of the television and the personal computer portable terminal and offers the entertainment.

As for the selection of the application work, it is scheduled that the work of winning a prize is elected dividing general and student’s applicants by each recruitment section, and the announcement and the victory ceremony of the prize winner are done in the end of April, 2010. Refer to an official site for details of the contest.

– Outline of “Microsoft XNA game software contest 2010” holding
The date degree: From November 17, 2009 to March 31, 2010
Examination announcement: The end of April, 2010(schedule)

recruitment section
– Xbox 360 section
Work made by using XNA Game Studio 3.1 or ‘[Akushonge-mutsuku-ru]’ (Sales agency: [Enta-burein])
– Windows section
Work produced by using either of the following development settings
XNA Game Studio 3.1
DirectX SDK (release since Nov 2008)
‘RPG [tsuku-ru] VX’ and ‘RPG [tsuku-ru] XP'(sales agency: [Enta-burein])
‘[Akushonge-mutsuku-ru]’ (sales agency: [Enta-burein])
– Windows Mobile section
Work produced by using Windows Mobile 6 SDK

recruiting district
1. General(professional and amateur pretermission)
2. Student(However, obtain the guardian’s agreement about less than 18 years old. )

qualification requirements
Individual or group that corresponds to recruiting district
The start date of this contest (November 17, 2009) Own the development setting necessary for making the application work before.
The work should be able to be sent to a prescribed address by using a prescribed development setting by the date.