Year: <span>2012</span>
Year: 2012

WWJ – That's a Wrap for 2012

It’s been a rush to the finish as we officially ready to jump for some hard-earned time on a sandy beach with family and friends. Might get around to cranking-out a snappy 2013 looking forward post, after a few umbrella decorated frosties, but for now this quick note from the friendly Star Alliance Lounge at Narita will just have to do.

No doubt it was a hectic year for everyone in this space and we’ve been slamming daily juggling online updates, including all of our properties now coded with responsive layouts, while providing intell. to our most valued clients and running in-bound tour folks around town.. whew.

Looking back over 2012, clearly the industry has matured, we’ve seen significant growth in both the smartphone and LTE space in Japan. While it was a serious shame to miss attending MWC this year – for good cause – our many travels around the world otherwise made crystal clear that mobile business is booming.

Trust you have a Safe & Happy Holiday season.. best take this chance to catch yer breath.. next year promises to be more (and More) of the same!

Update Jan. 7th: Yep.. after an extended, and well-deserved, break we’re back from the beach and have totally cleaned house for 2013. Expect to start seeing some changes around here over the coming weeks as we get underway for another year.