DoCoMo Talking LTE at MAC
DoCoMo Talking LTE at MAC

DoCoMo Talking LTE at MAC

DoCoMo Talking LTE at MAC

The annual Mobile Asia Congress is underway in Hong Kong and DoCoMo CEO Yamada-san gave his keynote address focused on future networks [JPN]

While it’s not exactly news. as it was widely announced in June, the company plans to introduce next-gen. LTE platform in 2010, the folks at Keitai Watch filed an extensive review of the presentation with following Q&A.

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GSMA Mobile Asia Congress 2009

“GSMA Mobile Asia Congress 2009” is held in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China on two days of the 19th of November 18 it. CEO and [tareku] [robiatei;] of CEO mobile China’s (China movement) [outachuu] and CSL (Hong Kong) besides President and Representative Director DoCoMo’s of NTT Takashi Yamada [mo] ascend the keynote presentation on the 18th. It introduced the approach of each company for LTE, and the panel discussion was done. Here, it reports on the pattern of the event around the lecture of DoCoMo. Moreover, I would like you to match that and to refer because it interviewed Mr. Yamada alone after the event.

– Area development and animation service of LTE
President and Representative Director DoCoMo of NTT and Takashi Yamada [mo]

At the beginning, Mr. Yamada points out that the (3G) third generation in the world mobile-phone penetration rate is enumerated, and the expansion of the data communication grows about the lecture. It was said, “It is likely to grow up up to 20-three billion people and about 40% of the whole in 2013 though the subscriber of 3G was 16% now”.

The expansion of the data communication is already remarkable in Japan, and DoCoMo says, “Become a situation in which it accounts for 42% of sales”. An increase in such data traffic is received, and DoCoMo introduces LTE as “Main pack in the world” in December, 2010. The area is said to W-CDMA(HADPA,HSUPA) in the overlayed shape, “Demand is expanded because it is high”.

Moreover, the data terminal was announced as well as the situation to date and 2010 the road map that turned on the audio terminal in 2011 was announced in the lecture, too.

3G spread and data income of the world Start-up image of LTE of DoCoMo

Mr. Yamada spoke to enumerate the feature of LTE, and for the terminal and service to become important on that following this , saying that “The transmission line was few and it was high-speed and the delay was also little because of a large capacity”.

Mr. Yamada speaks, “The dues-paying member exceeded 800,000 people”. ?The hero disappears even if a portable screen is very small, and brings the movie straight. Then, it newly makes it in BeeTV as the hero comes to the center. ?The device only of the cellular phone was announced. It is scheduled to concentrate on the animation of “Life sticking type” (a sightseeing guide, a restaurant guide, and fitness animation) in the future.

It is said that it is one side, LTE also has the feature “Low latency”, and DoCoMo is planning service that makes the best use of this. Mr. Yamada was good, and showed the view with” , saying that “If it was LTE even if processing was left to the network side, it is possible to think like processing it with the terminal”.

Multimedia service of DoCoMo – Explanation of change to thin client
– Approach such as open OS terminals Approach on smart phone of DoCoMo

Making open OS of the terminal is one of the approachs of DoCoMo that stares at the future. ?A smart phone of open OS came from the personal computer though a current cellular phone was the one that “Telephone” evolved. There is still a hurdle though [yukuyuku] fuses. ?It makes, and it introduces the application store of an open schedule as a approach that buries the gap at current year. ?I want to make a total lace. This is a so to speak department store of the application program. It can be bought by arranging the one wanting it. ?It solved and it talked about eagerness.

Mr. Yamada explained besides this and the approach “Femtocell” of “I [konsheru]” of the action support service and the uniting service. Moreover, it was spoken, “Hereafter, I wanted to concentrate on the value [addei;ddo] service (additional value service)”, and explained i channel had been started about “Tata DoCoMo” that developed in India also in Tata DoCoMo.

[Chainamobairu] lectures on “TD-LTE” that develops “TD-SCDMA” of a present method and “OPhone” based on Android and the road map etc. turned to “Next G(HSPA+)” and LTE that CSL boasts of 21Mbps or less are lectured.

Mobile CEO of China and [outachuu] CSL CEO and [tareku] [robiatei;]

It introduces the approach on OPhone with the slide. “Next G” of HSPA + starts in Hong Kong.
– Cellular phone entrepreneur in Asia in which it aims at getting rid of from “Earthen pipe”

After it had lectured it, the panel discussion by the representative of three companies was held. At the beginning, it touched traffic and the communication restriction that Mr. Duncan Clark of the moderator (BDA China chairman of the consulting firm) increased, and it questioned on the situation of a Japanese market that led by the data communication.

Mr. Yamada emphasizes the meaning of LTE for this , saying that “If LTE is introduced, I improve greatly the use efficiency of the electric wave, fall also the unit price of about one packet, and want to advance it positively”. It concentrated on the animation service, and the policy of extending packet ARPU was shown in the future.

Moreover, the king in mobile China answered the question of Duncan’s “How does it have the voice in LTE?”, “Now, the established network will be used for the voice though ‘Voice-over LTE’ of the IMS base assumed most targets of the operator”.
Appearance of panel discussion

On the other hand, circumstances each three companies caught a glimpse and it got it for the theme “Does the career become an earthen pipe shop?”. First of all, [tareku] of CSL :. ?The infrastructure will collapse before long when becoming an earthen pipe. I want to adjust it by managing the element of service. The difficulty that the career , saying that “The business of software was the carrier and quite different” while described handles a high-ranking layer was leaked.

The king in mobile China that confronts it? We are well informed of our customer. It is important in the demand to offer the market to a variety of contents providers realizing it. The customer point of contact only of the career and the market, etc. introduced with OPhone talked to the additional value that it connected.

Similarly, Mr. Yamada of DoCoMo :. I want to do the collaboration on the terminal and the network. Advanced service can be provided reasonable if service comes to be treatable on the network side. ?It explains in detail changing the plan of the change to the thin client of the cellular phone. ?The additional value is important to avoid making to the earthen pipe. It knows customers most as the king says, and being able to do fine consideration is a strong point of the career.

In addition, [tareku] of CSL : to the visit of a free model of the Internet to the world of the cellular phone. ?The net only looks not free so. Finally, someone is moving the network. ?It declared, and it struck a note of warning in excess such as the United States for an advanced globalization. On the other hand, Mr. Yamada of DoCoMo :. BeeTV is charged and 315 yen for one month. When it is good if do the balance of cost and contents even if it is charged, it becomes it. The opinion of not becoming it so that the market is free wholly-devoted based on the experience of its company is shown.

Are choices of giving though the approach of open OS to be introduced?

Mr. Yamada: There is a route though it is the one now to take an open application, and the hand set is a stage called a global type. To make it more wieldy, I want to make an integrated market of the application. This is useful also for making the application program of Japan. I want to correspond to the i-mode while doing this. Now i-mode. net it is possible to hold the i-mode itself works hard though it cannot use also as putting next year in a so-called, smart phone. Not only mail but also “Keeping service” system wants to do by all means. It is thought that what the customer uses can be gradually put now.

It is necessary to jump over the hurdle to this some though it is likely to unite with i-mode somewhere in the course of time. Because when it becomes impossible the terminal i-mode that evolved still from the telephone, and to use the telephone, only by not connecting and doing. For instance, it loses a wicket only because the virus is buried by a malicious person when it is a smart phone. Therefore, when uniting, it should not be the best effort, it make to the guarantee type to some degree, and, besides, it make it to an open application. This works seriously by a big problem.