Square Enix Delivers Gwynn2
Square Enix Delivers Gwynn2

Square Enix Delivers Gwynn2

Square Enix Delivers Gwynn2

Much rejoicing in the RPG gaming community as Episode 2 of the popular Gwynn series makes it’s debut on i-mode, the fatasy adventure continues [JPN]

Machine Translation

Square Enix began the delivery of episode 2 of contents “Gwynn mobile” of portal site (i-mode version) for the cellular phone today.

“Gwynn [sa-ga]” is a fantasy novel on the Kaoru Kurimoto original that makes super-soldier “Gwynn” with the head of “Leopard” a hero. This large best-selling work that exceeds 30 million total circulation is made an animated cartoon only after in commemoration of the 30th birth anniversary of this year.

“Gwynn [sa-ga] mobile” is a role-playing game that becomes the hero, Gwynn, and other characters based on animated cartoon “Gwynn [sa-ga]” the player and develops the travel of the adventure in the world of the story.

The story is progressed by setting up the chapter, and the element of the mini game that the event scene and demystification using the animated cartoon cutting enter each chapter etc. that can enjoy the world of “Gwynn [sa-ga]” more deeply is included, too.

In episode 2 delivered today, the fight of Sem Allied Forces and the [mongo-ru] army is mainly developed, and the fate of the appearance character begins to move greatly, too.

Everyone can play readily because it will deliver “Episode 0” in which the game becomes a part at the beginning free of charge.

Please enjoy “Gwynn [sa-ga] mobile” by all means on this occasion. The EZweb version and Yahoo cellular phone version schedules the delivery this winter.

– Episode 2 story

Hand of manitou of [mongo-ru] army that is near at hand to Sem Allied Forces where Gwynn doesn’t exist.

The difference of an overwhelming war potential is shown off, and the true colors of the army corps of the mystery that appears with rumbling of the earth whether …… : ahead of two pearls with a bright red mercenary who despairs.

outline of commodity

– Brand name: Gwynn [sa-ga] mobile

– Access method: i-mode menu list – game – game packing [sukuenimobairu]

– Charge: Each chapter 500 points(525 yen of including tax corresponding)

– Episode 0 is free.

– Genre: RPG