Japan Market
Japan Market

i-mode TidBits @Mobidec 2009

The annual Mobidec gathering was on here yesterday and the Jpn web is full of related post event reports. Perhaps one of the most interesting presentations came from Yuka Harada, DoCoMo consumer service division contents director, who shared some real – current – details. For starters, their current flat-rate subscriber ratio is closing in on 1/2 the total base at 21.5M, with 80-90% in the teens to 20’s age bracket. Also noted usage activity on iMenu in October was running about 20M unique page views per day and that their pay contents information fees, with music leading the way, hit about $250M last month.

MediaFlo Good to Go for Japan

The ministry has recognized MediaFLO as one of two official technologies for nationwide mobile multimedia broadcasting services in Japan. This milestone signifies that MediaFLO-enabled mobile TV services may be deployed in Japan once spectrum is made available in 2011. Congrats to the team there as we have followed their course to enter the market here over the last few years, for example this video interview with Ali Zamari at Wireless Japan trade-show in 2007 and the presentation by Kazuhiko Masuda – President – MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. at MoMo Tokyo later the same year.

Go!TOKYO – The Latest GMAP App

The guys at GMAP have been working very hard over the past few months to develop a new iPhone app., called Go!TOKYO, targeted at people either living or visiting here should find rather useful. Designed with English speakers in mind, it was created to help get folks around the maze of subway platforms and guide you through to puzzling locations, using the companies exisiting database of great maps, most often to be found ‘somewhere’ near a metro stop. For a whole 350jpy (about $4) on iTunes this one is a no-brainer!

Au One Mobile Health Portal

Mediba has launched the Au One Health mobile portal which includes; medical symtoms Q&A, Dr. office, hospital and drug store locations along with health insurance details, physical fitness and healthy cooking tips. According to the announcement over 150,000 locations are searchable in the database, including dentists, with over 10,000 over the counter items listed as well.

Wireless Japan 2009 Reports

The crew at RBB Today did a fantastic job [in Japanese] covering the annual Wireless Japan conference and exhibition at the Big Sight convention hall, starting with this video demo of augmented reality by DoCoMo R&D labs. We were at the show this year, running the summer edition of Mobile Monday Tokyo event there on the 24th, and must say while there was still several interesting products on display the current economic situation certainly dampened the usual buzz.

Exclusive iida Designer Handsets

The au Design Project has added to their unique collection of custom models with three new units; Happiness with Dots, Doggie Ring-Ring and the groovy Hand Bag for Space Travel, created by Yayoi Kusuma going on sale here July 30th. These handmade limited edition offerings, priced accordingly from $1,000 to $10,000 each, will be available on first come basis both online and at one of several specially designated shop locations. Considering past success of the INFOBAR, talby, neon, and MEDIA SKIN designs, which were were added to the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, no doubt the latest iida branded concept will gain approval with certain discerning clients overseas as well.

Japan Mobile Campaign Award Winners

This press release [J] just came through from KDDI with news they have won a D&AD Yellow Pencil in the environmental design category for their PLY exhibition, see Mobile Marketing segment for more lucky winners. Also announced, the folks at Canne have awarded KDDI a shiny bronze Lion for their funky iida calling – mobile music generator – campaign, details on video Here. Sony Music grabbed some hardware for their very cool Pair Movie series, watch the video Here. More notes after the jump