i-mode TidBits @Mobidec 2009
i-mode TidBits @Mobidec 2009

i-mode TidBits @Mobidec 2009

i-mode TidBits @Mobidec 2009

The annual Mobidec gathering was on here yesterday and the Jpn web is full of related post event reports. Perhaps one of the most interesting presentations came from Yuka Harada, DoCoMo consumer service division contents director, who shared some real – current – details. For starters, their current flat-rate subscriber ratio is closing in on 1/2 the total base at 21.5M, with 80-90% in the teens to 20’s age bracket. Also noted usage activity on iMenu in October was running about 20M unique page views per day and that their pay contents information fees, with music leading the way, hit about $250M last month.

Machine Translation – via cNet Japan:

Conference “MCF mobile conference 2009” that applied the focus to a mobile content business was held in Meguro Gajoen Kanko K.K. in Tokyo on November 25. NTT DoCoMo consumer service division contents charge director Yuka Harada appears in the keynote address. It introduced the current state of the content business in the i-mode of NTT DoCoMo.

The number of contractors of NTT DoCoMo is at the time of of the end of October and the i-mode users are 48.76 million people among 55.24 million people. Packet fixed charge system subscribers are 21.52 million people at the end of September. The joining ratio of the packet fixed charge system is reached 80 percent in one’s twenties in one’s teens by 90 percent, and said that it rises to 60 percent even if it is in its thirties according to Mr. Harada. However, whenever the generation goes up, the joining ratio tends to fall.

When having changed to access i menu top page as it is when the i-mode button is pushed with the new model put on the market after May, the number of accesses of i menus that are the contents portal sites for i-mode is said that it expanded greatly. I hear that average 800,000PV, it expands every day now, and it reached 20 millionPV each.

The use of the retrieval expands continuously, and is spoken by Mr. Harada, “The access has increased whenever genres of special retrievals such as the game, the comic, ring tone melodies, and shopping are expanded”. I hear that the number of use of the retrieval each day was about four times about twice one year ago and two years ago. It seems to retrieve wanting the examination by i menu, and the lead to be established among users.

The access of “Weekly i guide” that introduces the recommendation contents etc. and the game has increased if it sees according to the corner of i top menu. There was no expansion for a certain period of time and the genre like music and animation, etc. was assumed to be “Settle down a little” oppositely.

The genre of contents is said that the expansion of the unique user number of “Weather/news/business” is remarkable. Besides this, there are a lot of users of “Game” and “Shop”, too.

The genre of the dating simulation game has expanded continuously in the game. “There are 50-600,000 users ..my menu enrollment… ” ..doubling in one year… It was assumed, “The market will expand further because it took the fortune-telling, E-mail, and the element and the photograph taken from life etc. of animation etc.”.

Mr. Harada introduced a mobile site of Nissen as a case with shopping. Sales of this company on a mobile site are 14.7 billion yen in fiscal year 2008. It becomes a calculation that accounts for about 15% if it thinks sales of the mail order business of [nissenho-rudei;ngusu] are 96.4 billion yen. It is said that the approach (the notification that uses the mail of a little commodity to sell of the mobile site limited product and to stock and i channel limitation sale) will succeed.

I hear that the access increases along with the expansion of the publishing enterprise as for “Enterprise and brand” genre newly established in April, 2008, and a present unique user number was near moreover by 10 million people during month. I hear that the number of visitors a day to mobile top page had expanded to five times in Japan HP that became an official site on October 13 because it formalized it.

The pay contents information fee of i-mode is 22.8 billion yen a month in October. “Melody call” into which the call sound is changed by favorite music is 650 million yen. It is only 1/3 ..10 million person actually to set as for Music. the person who is registering the master agreement. Moreover, there is room for the more expansion when the man of the user attribute is more, and the dressing substitution contents and the ring tone melody think the woman is using it. It makes, and the propping up is scheduled to be attempted. “Trial music” that makes the set music rental this month free is introduced as one example in the first ten days on February, 2010.

The number of contractors of “I [konsheru]” that in real time delivers information that suits the user exceeds 2.5 million people in November. I [konsheru] joining rate when contracting rose from 44% to 63% at half a year. It is said that the user composition ratio is almost the same as i-mode as the user to one’s thirties accounts for the sex ratio rate for 70 percent by 6:4.

Mr. Harada introduces the fortune-telling site of the middle-scale firm as a case. When fortune-telling information was able to be received with three times a day and i [konsheru] in addition to a usual site function when charged joining, i [konsheru] subscriber says that he or she expanded to 2.25 times compared with before the transfer rate until charged joining offers i [konsheru] for trying the free period. It was analyzed, “The use of the fortune-telling was established and it is likely to have led to the continuance use”.

User’s location information is acquired with the server of NTT DoCoMo at intervals of five minutes when the user permits from the model winter corresponding to the function “Auto GPS”, and information on the contents provider is delivered according to the place. It is assumed that last train information, surrounding store information, and transfer information, etc. matched to the schedule are offered, and the user’s life is supported.