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Sony Bravia TV Adds Felica NFC Function

In another step forward for machine to machine connectivity, and fixed-mobile convergence, the folks at Sony held a press conference in Tokyo this week to parade their upcoming big-screen television offerings. The announced KDL-series full HD LCD models on show, ranging from 32″ to 52″ and approx. $1,500 to $4,500 respectively, will be shipping this April with the Felica RFID reader/writer embedded in the remote control. Soon we will see Japanese handsets enabling transactions through the TV!

FeliCa and MiFare Founders Unveil Moversa

NXP, founded by Philips, and Sony Corporation have announced the formation of Moversa, a joint venture to drive global adoption of contactless smart card applications in mobile phones using Near Field Communication (NFC). Moversa will plan, develop, produce and market a secure chip, a Universal Secure Access Module (U-SAM), that incorporates both MIFARE and FeliCa operating systems and applications. The U-SAM will also support other contactless operating systems and applications based on customer requirements. Moversa will be led by co-presidents Guus Frericks of NXP and Toshio Yoshihara of Sony.

Sony Ships 200 Million FeliCa Chips

Shipments of smart cards and cell phones containing Sony Corp.’s Felica RFID chip have hit 200 million, the company said Thursday. In the last five years the chip has become a de facto standard in Japan and cards containing it are used by millions of people everyday to make railway journeys and e-money purchases in convenience stores. In 2004 the chip started getting integrated in cell phones [WWJ Video] and today, through Felica, owners of those cell phones can make purchases in stores.

PS3 Update Includes FeliCa

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced [in Japanese] a PS3 firmware update will be available from 24 January in Japan only. The new 1.50 version includes support for FeliCa, the companies m-commerce system. Customers with a USB connected PaSoRi reader will be able to use their osaifu ketai or traditional EDY card to buy games over the Playstation Network.