Kazaspot Mobile FeliCa
Kazaspot Mobile FeliCa

Kazaspot Mobile FeliCa

Kazaspot Mobile FeliCa

NTT Com announces ‘Kazaspot’ Mobile Marketing Solution for users with FeliCa NFC enabled handsets – Full Eng. PR here: http://bit.ly/cfUoIF

If you’re in Tokyo, NTT Com will be at the Interop Show with a big Buzz City display!

NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today that it will launch Biz Marketing Kazaspot, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) mobile-marketing solution that enables enterprise customers to engage consumers via mobile phones embedded with contactless IC chips, known as Osaifu-Keitai™ (“mobile wallet”) in Japan.

The solution is offered under NTT Com’s BizCITY® concept of providing secure, cloud-based access to enterprise services from anyplace at anytime.

Biz Marketing Kazaspot comprises dedicated reader/writer data terminals installed in physical stores and connected to servers at NTT Com’s secure, robust data center. Consumers simply wave their mobile wallets over the terminals to download basic data that enables them to participate in mobile Web-based surveys, loyalty programs, gift lotteries and other customer programs.

“Kazaspot” is a portmanteau of kazasu, Japanese for “waving,” and spot.

The solution enables enterprises to efficiently and effectively attract customers, entice them to visit specific physical stores and build greater customer loyalty. Individual’s participation in programs also can provide useful data for the creation of effective target marketing.

The Biz Marketing Kazaspot system is easy to install as a SaaS solution, so services can be launched quickly at a minimal cost. The reader/writer data terminals do not require line construction or special configuration. The customer interface is the user’s mobile phone, so the proprietor does not need to produce and distribute membership cards. Participation in programs is fast and easy because users do not have to download and configure applications beforehand. The system works with mobile-wallet phones from NTT DOCOMO, au and SoftBank Mobile.

Biz Marketing Kazaspot allows enterprises to flexibly customize solutions and integrate them with not only existing services, but even vending machines and digital signage. A variety of reader/writer terminals are available to suit specific types of solutions.

As an example of cost, a Biz Marketing Kazaspot system with less than 100 reader/writers that is used for surveys can be installed starting from 500,000 yen for the server and from 20,000 yen per reader/writer. The monthly charge is from 2,000 yen to 20,000 yen per reader/writer.