The Future of Mobile – Panel
The Future of Mobile – Panel

The Future of Mobile – Panel

The Future of Mobile – Panel

The Asahi Shimbun report on recent discussions, with key reps. from all three operators, on the Future of Mobile [JPN]

There are certainly some notable comments here about the past ‘reasons for success’ however this on-going angle related to the so-called Galopalas Island syndrome will soon require a more thoughtful response from us here at WWJ. Lets hope we can flesh out our thoughts on that topic in an upcoming edition of our Behind the Shoji newsletter for you!

Machine Tranlation:

In conference event “ACCESS DAY 2009” that ACCESS had held on October 22, the panel session entitled “Where does the next generation cellular phone head?” was held. The key person of the main cellular phone and the PHS career exchanged the discussion of the ideal way of the industry that received a current approach, the globalization, and the globalization to each cellular phone market in the future. Only E-mail:Killer contents.

The first theme is “How has the cellular phone appeared?” NTT DoCoMo corporate officer product director Kiyoto Nagata explains that it has introduced the system of packet transmission of i-mode that brought the mobile-phone industry the substantial change ten years ago the two years ago and was able to do the achievement. In addition, it was spoken that various functions such as the purse, the televisions, and cameras were taken from the idea “I want to thrust it in the cellular phone all things that existed in the pocket” and service had been expanded.

KDDI director corporate officer managing director consumer commodity generalization department general manager enumerated “Mobile Internet” and “Charge collection agency system” and “Packet fixed charge system”, etc. as a key word that talked about ten years of a current cellular phone. It was assumed that only actually E-mail on that killer contents of the mobile Internet, and having come to being able frequently to exchange not only mass contents but also small data like E-mail by the packet fixed charge system were the success factors.

The online music distribution of a full ring song etc. is spoken with “What achieved only after there are a packet fixed charge system and DRM”. It was assumed that the cellular phone career’s having prepared the communication infrastructure, the terminal, and the service specification by the set had led to success, and appealed for the importance of the business model of the vertical integration often criticized in recent years.

Softbank mobile managing director corporate officer product service department general manager’s Masanobu Yoshida is a person who has piled up the career by Sony and a Sony Ericsson mobile communications. He or she watches the cellular phone that evolved in the proportion series from the experience to have worked on PDA and the cellular phone, etc. as existence that fuses AV with IT. ο½’There are a lot of countries where 3G will spread in full scale in the future in the world. Hereafter, the occurrence in the past of Japan ten years and the same thing will start occurring. The advanced level of the cellular phone of Japan was emphasized.

They are separated by the appearance of the IP network, and corporate officer vice president’s explains that a fixed telecommunications provider lost value while looking back on the career that has moved from the infrastructure engineer of the landline to the mobile telecommunications industry though the telephone business before was a vertical, integrated style that offers infrastructure/service/terminal on earth. The electric wave was different from a fixed communication and the possibility was shown the improvement of the side that the communication career was an entrepreneur who obtained from the government and was getting the license of the value of the infrastructure the resource of the limit of capacity it though a similar problem had occurred in mobility because of the evolution of the technology. Who does “Total coordination”?

The second theme is “Where does the cellular phone head?” Kamada ACCESS President and Representative Director and joint chief executive officer assumed that ten years of the situation to date were in uniting mobility and the Internet, and it was assumed that uniting with cloud computing started by speeding up the network in the future. It was described that the function only of mobility to cloud computing was needed on that.

Moreover, Mr. Takahashi of KDDI forecasts that the commodity suitable for each hobby, the preference, and the sense in the customer aspect is made from the idea of valuing the function about ten years of the future, and it changes in the age when the commodity that the total coordination is done is requested. It explained that the number of players as new as iPhone increased, and the offer side was diversified though the cellular phone career had been bearing coordination single-handed up to now. Therefore, it will be assumed that the point who is coordinate becomes important in the competition in the future.

Softbank mobile speaks for two ideal ways of the cellular phone in the future to exist. One was assumed to assume that Moore’s Law was still effective when putting it in mobility by evolution in hard respect, and for the possibility that the cellular phone equipped with more high-speed CPU appears to exist in ten years. Another one is development of the application and contents. It was forecast that it started a revolution again as an excellent creator, the application developer, and the cellular phone career combined like the culture of Japan comparing the cellular phone market in Japan that was called “Galapagos” in the Edo period of isolation, evolving greatly in Edo period, and having received the high appraisal from foreign countries still in the cellular phone.

On the other hand, Mr. Kon points out that the change to Galapagos has collapsed by 3G and a smart phone’s having entered Japan. The foreign company with a big share worldwide suggested the possibility that the necessity for the enumeration of specializing like the terminal and the infrastructure, etc., the separation of fields of the terminal, the infrastructure, and service, etc. while Japanese firm would be exposed to a global competition in the future, and the approach comes out from the business domain respectively on that. However, if it is not Japanese, Japan shows the evaluation from no acceptance of service etc. about the domination of a domestic, local infrastructure business unlike an overseas small country , saying that “In the viewpoint of invading, Galapagos can be considerably maintained as an isolated island in the precipice”. The approach of the market expansion is indispensable.

The third theme is “Ideal way of the cellular phone as the escape telephone” and “How do you work on a global competition?” The concept explains the global one as the art of the basic maneuver is adopted though Mr. Nagata of NTT DoCoMo came to be called because evolution that was fast the evolution of the cellular phone of Japan, different from foreign countries was done Galapagos. It was assumed that the player who was able to offer it by enumerating the importance of “Coordination” in which Mr. Takahashi of KDDI touched previously, and designing the value that the user requested won as a role of the cellular phone career in the future.

Moreover, the partner who offered the terminal, software, and contents, etc. showed recognition with importance in the cellular phone career’s doing the business. It is spoken that the approach to which a domestic market is expanded by making the environment that they can advance to the world in cooperation with the foreign company etc. that invest so as not to lose the partner enterprise, and working on equipment etc. other than the cellular phone is indispensable.

Finally, a common platform of the application that the industry group of the cellular phone such as mobile widgets that collaboration innovation lab (JIL) that “BONDI” and the Softbank of industry group Open Mobile Terminal Platform(OMTP ) had established advocated advocated was discussed. About these approachs, “Each cellular phone career company is in a hurry of the competition, therefore the technology has become asunder. ” (Mr. Takahashi of KDDI). The cellular phone career of Japan cannot maintain two or more ecosystems. It is necessary to make it to one. (Mr. Nagata of NTT DoCoMo) The voice that it was necessary to standardize the environment came out. However, which platform was supported seemed are careful it to ascertain the situation in the future.