The Sleepy Log Mobile Application
The Sleepy Log Mobile Application

The Sleepy Log Mobile Application

The Sleepy Log Mobile Application

You know.. there should be an app. for that! The Sleepy Log platform goes mobile [JPN]

Machine Tranlation:

Service has begun by three operators (docomo, au, and softbank) since the middle of October, 2009 though getting up, the going to bed time, and the total sleeping time are only services by the graph by the displayed service by the current PC version when the wake time and the going to bed time are input. The monthly fee is 126 yen (approx. $1.50).

When the wake time and the going to bed time are input very simply, sleeping time during a day is displayed as a content of service in the graph. The sleep graph can be confirmed every week, and “Sleep too much” and “Lack of sleep” can be checked at one view. Own lifestyle can try to be watched to calculate the household account book and the calorie as the user is easy.

It is said that the contemporary society builds up easily the stress and causes sleeplessness because of various lifestyles. The cause and remedial measures are caused, and might it take a roundabout way from the improvement, and sleeplessness be caused from the idea “Going to the hospital is shameful” , saying that “Do not know”. The Sleepy Log thinks making user’s sleep life better to be able to help by telling the user original prepared under the supervision of specialist’s teacher.

< contents of mobile site >

1) About information for the sound sleep

Sound sleep technique at the previous state of rest
Method of awaking refreshingly
Lifestyle that decreases quality of sleep
Advice according to worry
Sleep disturbance?Name of a disease and advice
Stretching exercise for sound sleep(animation)
Vital point of sound sleep

2) About sleep

The level of the worries such as “Tiredness cannot be taken even if sleeping or sleeping”, “It is not possible to go to sleep easily”, and “It is not possible to go to sleep up a sparrow fart” is easily checked.

Sound sleep level diagnosis
Eating habits diagnosis
Cause check of insomnia
Compatibility diagnosis of pillow

3) The enjoyment contents

Mail template
Opening of statistical graph of registered user’s sleeping time to the public with average sleeping time etc. of average sleeping time/one week of one week according to occupation according to administrative divisions.

4) Petit-column of sleep doesn’t unexpectedly know

We will inform you of it in the e-mail magazine and the site.

The custom of writing the personal computer and the mail before it sleeps deteriorates going to sleep.
It becomes impossible for the act of writing sentences to sleep easily by stimulating the brain. Let’s refrain from the personal computer and the E-mail before it sleeps.

The nightcap interferes with sleep.
Sleeplessness might be caused when going to sleep worsens from it awaking with the awakening property on the way, and it makes it to the custom though going to sleep improves when the nightcap is done in wakeful moments.

The rainy season time tends to upset one’s health easily and to deteriorate sleep.
Because skin breath is not done easily at sultry time, the sweat doesn’t put well, and upsetting one’s health is more abundant. It tries to exhaust the excess fluid with urine at this time that doesn’t start being good at the sweat and the load to the kidney grows. Therefore, it becomes easy for the every part of the body to swell, and it influences going to sleep and the physical condition.

Not being possible to sleep is natural when becoming aged.
It is not known that it becomes aged so much though there is a fact that the quality of sleep decreases because working of the brain dulls, too. If it is likely not to be able to sleep by what, sleeping time is increased too much, and it tends to become impossible to sleep and to awake many times on the way.

Q&A with the supervision doctor is scheduled to be executed. The fathom wants to be effective in the worry about modern people’s sleeps.

Convenient record method

One-touch registration
It is recorded that “Occurred” and “Slept” buttons are clicked on carrying TOP page.

Mail is sent and it records.
It is recorded that the time that sends empty mail at the occurring time or occurs is E-mailed.

– Outline

It is managed by the concept of wanting to become a chance that tries to look back on the sleep life of every day by recording recent depression, the sleep disturbance, and the inside and sleeping time that the type child is in the increasing tendency at night, and to watch, and paying attention to personal information ‘I am watched’ and ‘Value time’.

It wishes that it be service to be able to contribute for the world, service is developed in the vicinity for these three years, and the new service by carrying is developed based on a basic concept that a comfortable, happy sleep life can be sent for management and more users.

< PC member attribute >

Number of members: 16,187 people(As of October 26, 2009. )
Sex: -38% of man -62%/female
At the age: One’s twenties-one’s thirties is 80%.
Ratio of new and repeater: 13.8% of new 86.2%/repeater
User/month of two times or more of repetition visit: 67%
The heavy user: About 1000 people record for 11 days or more a month.
It is a new enrollment during month: 270-400 people.
E-mail magazine enrollment: 2,562 people(delivery results in September, 2009)