Bravia Phone – Watch Movies in the Bath!
Bravia Phone – Watch Movies in the Bath!

Bravia Phone – Watch Movies in the Bath!

Bravia Phone – Watch Movies in the Bath!

New Sony Bravia handset connects with Blu-Ray via USB for high-speed QVGA movie content transfer [JPN]

Machine Translation:

As the terminal made of Sony Ericsson for au, “BRAVIA Phone U1” is a crown model for the first time as for the name of LCD TV brand “BRAVIA” of Sony.

It corresponds to “Going out forwarding” to be able to watch the program recorded with the Blu-ray Disc recorder made by Sony with the cellular phone besides it can watch One Seg by a vivid image quality. It has the waterproof performance of the IPX5/IPX7 grade, and it can enjoy the time of water One Seg digital TV including in the bath. “U” of product name “U1” is said, ““unite, utility, usability” . A formal serial number of the terminal is “SOY02”.

The body colors are three colors (red, the sapphire black, and gold). Red embodied the brand color of BRAVIA. The sapphire black and gold are said, “Arranged it for the cellular phone” though were the bases the color used for the BRAVIA product. Moreover, it is said, “In BRAVIA Phone U1, the vermilion that exists in SO903iTV is pulled out, and to solicit young people’ men and women, the chroma has been raised” though red is a color used also for BRAVIA cellular phone “SO903iTV” that DoCoMo put on the market in 2006.

The accessory is enhanced, too and the USB cable that can be used also for a desk-top holder, microSD in 2G byte, and the going out forwarding bundles it. Moreover, it is scheduled to prepare a useful “Bath cellular phone stand” for the One Seg watching with the bathroom with the optional, and to be sold by “au one Brand Garden” on November 19. The price is 1980 yen. It is a lineup according to the body color of BRAVIA Phone U1 as for three colors. To watch One Seg easily, the stand can adjust the angle by four stages.

It corresponds to abundant image qualities, the tone quality settings, and the frame supplementation technologies. In One Seg, it sticks to “See” function that combines the contrast improvement technology with the outline emphasis technology is installed. The setting of “News”, “Sports”, “Movie”, and “Music” newly became possible though being able to select by the image quality setting of One Seg was only “Sharp”, “Dynamic”, and “Normality” in a current terminal made of Sony Ericsson. News sees the telop easily and the display and sports are said that it will strongly display green because there are a lot of scenes where the lawn reflects.

Cellular phone version “Motion flow Lite” of the frame supplementation technology that can adopt it even by head of the house BRAVIA is installed. 15 frames per second are supplemented to 30 frames. The mobile engine is turned on by the automatic operation, too, if this motion flow Lite is turned on and the image quality setting says that it will become a vivid image “Normality”. Besides this, “Watching mode for a long time” in which a continuous watching became possible for about the maximum five hours by turning off image quality, effect of the voice output, brightness setting, and motion flow Lite was installed.

The voice output effect setting was enhanced, and it became possible to set “News”, “Movie”, “Music”, “Sports”, “Bathroom”, “Natural”, and “Normality” besides DBEX. I come to hear the voice also in the bathroom where the sound echoes easily clearly when setting it to the bathroom.

Besides this, “Program speed search” to be able to retrieve the program to want to do the recording reservation by One Seg by way of EZweb (au one television) was adopted. It is also possible to do the recording reservation to the Blu-ray Disc recorder of Sony besides One Seg by remote control.

The program can be transmitted for one hour in three minutes. “Going out forwarding”

“Going out forwarding” that can transmit ground/BS/CS digital broadcasting program recorded with the Blu-ray Disc recorder made by Sony to the cellular phone is one of the noteworthy functions, too. BRAVIA Phone U1 is connected with the Blu-ray Disc recorder with the USB cable, it encodes on the recorder side after it records with the recorder, and the image data is transmitted to the cellular phone automatically. The bit rate can set two kinds of 384kbps or 768kbps on the recorder side. In the image size that can be displayed with the cellular phone, QVGA and the video codec are H.264. It is said, the transfer rate of the image is “About three minutes in the program of one hour” for 384kbps.

Besides this, it is also possible to set the recording program one-touch after the cellular phone and the recorder are connected. It is said, “The program of the one-touch forwarding list registered in the recorder beforehand is transmitted”. It is not possible to use it with the cellular phone though “Leaving forwarding” that returns the recorder the image data transmitted to the external instrument once can be used in PSP. Moreover, the setting of transmitting the image by the automatic operation at the time reserved on the cellular phone side that can be used with the terminal etc. made by Sharp of DoCoMo is not prepared.

It can watch the program transmitted to the cellular phone by forwarding going out from “External recording data” of “Television” menu. Moreover, “Video viewer” is newly installed as an entrance where it can watch three kinds of images of the One Seg recording data, the external recording data (going out forwarding), and LISMO Video. It is possible to use from the media launcher that starts at and a thumbnail display of the image is also possible.

The camera is installed 5.14 million pixels CMOS, and corresponds to the face detection, the smile detection, and the blurring correction, etc.”Photo viewer” that can smoothly inspect the taken familiar photograph in the Sony Ericsson terminal is installed, and it corresponds to “Line display of time” displayed in date when the photograph was preserved the order. Moreover, “Digital Photo Frame” is newly prepared in the effect of the music addition slide show. It came to be able to display the calendar and the photograph at the same time. Via Digital Life.