Wireless Watch Japan – Top Stories for 2005
Wireless Watch Japan – Top Stories for 2005

Wireless Watch Japan – Top Stories for 2005

Wireless Watch Japan – Top Stories for 2005

Wireless Watch Japan - Top Stories for 2005We published 596 articles on Wireless Watch Japan in 2005 and thought you might enjoy looking back at the most popular Japan mobile industry highlights from the year. The links below, three from each month, represent the two top stories (by volume of visitor requests) and a third which we consider a significant development in that 30-day period.

It’s been a year of explosive year in the mobile world and 2006 is set to be even much more interesting with faster mobile networks, more powerful handsets and compelling contents settling into the mainstream mindset. Here in Japan, we are expecting a dramatic increase in m-commerce adoption, driven in part by Mobile Suica’s launch, set for later in January and the start of ‘One-Seg’ digital TV broadcasting starting — on all three carriers — on 1 April (no joke). We also see a potential increase in churn as a result of the (belated) introduction of number portability and with three new carriers entering the market, even DoCoMo is concerned.

One of the more obvious action areas in 2006 will be the increase of M&A activity at all levels; in particular, look for consolidation in the Japanese handset market. Meanwhile, lets boldly predict that we’ll have at least a few 3.5G (HSDPA) phones on the streets of Tokyo by this time next year. Interesting times ahead, indeed.

This year was also a milestone for us here at WWJ as we formally incorporated Mobikyo K.K. in April; we also expanded our Mobile Monday events and ran several Mobile Intelligence Japan missions to Tokyo, complimenting our market research and support services.

We expect, like the industry in general, to be even busier in 2006 and are looking forward to another phase of growth. We’d like to thank all of our clients, members, partners and subscribers for your kind and generous support. Our Best Wishes to you all for a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Two New V603s: Killer Swivel Clamshells
MobaHo!: Satellite Broadcast to Mobile
eAccess Announces 3G Trials

3G FOMA 901i Launch
EZ Game Street: Watch Out, DoCoMo
Vodafone K.K. Joins Mobile FeliCa

KDDI Designing Studio: Video Tour
Japan Rail, DoCoMo State Mobile Suica Plans
Mobile Flat-Rate Voice Planned

Sony PSP Can Even Play with Aibo
KDDI Launches Mobile EZ-Book Portal
Japan 3G Cell Phone Shipments Surge

Digital TV Cell Phone Test Drive
DoCoMo Announces Five New 3G Wallet Phones
KDDI Ready to Roll-Out Free Mobile Blog Service

Motorola Debuts 3G Smartphone in Japan
ColorZip Partners with TV Broadcasters
IC Cards Make a Splash with Electronic Posters

May the 3G Force Be With You
Wireless Japan Expo: Video Report
Japan to Launch Cell phone P2P Digital Cash

Mobile Music Best Practices from Japan and Korea
Mobile Phones Scan ColorCode on TV
Japan Mobile Market Myths from Past and Present

Japan’s First Digital Broadcast Cell phone
Tokyo Game Show 2005
i-mode Launches in Russia

Can Visto, Vodafone, Nokia Push Corporate Email?
KDDI’s EZ Channel at CEATEC
Microsoft Scores First Windows Mobile Japan Deal

Accton Launching Skype Cell phone
2006: Japan’s Year of the FeliCa eWallet Phone
KDDI Designing Studio Unveils Prototype Handsets

Vodafone Selects A-GPS Solution
Korean 3G Phone Finally Hits Japan Market
3G Network Limitations Define Mobile TV

We hope you have enjoyed the WWJ site and have found value in the extra contents we reserve here. As year end is a hectic time — especially in Japan — we will have a more in-depth look at what’s coming up in 2006, as we have in , and are looking forward to covering the 3G Mobile World Forum here in Tokyo at the end of January.

— WWJ Editors