Sony PSP Can Even Play with Aibo!
Sony PSP Can Even Play with Aibo!

Sony PSP Can Even Play with Aibo!

Sony PSP Can Even Play with Aibo!

Sony's PSP Can Even Play with Aibo!Sony’s portable PSP game machine is going mano-a-mano with Nintendo’s cool dual-screen DS for top handheld game gadget on both sides of the Pacific. Nintendo’s two 3-inch screens, touch-sensitive interaction, “Pictochat” instant messaging and WiFi connectivity to other DS machines have made a hit with players. In Japan, Nintendo just released the machine in four additional colors, packaging them with new virtual pet game, Nintendogs. Now WWJ has found out that Sony’s PSP goes one better with a trick that will make technogeeks sit up and beg — the Japanese version of the PSP apparently (and unintentionally) works electronic wizardry on Aibo the wonder ‘bot as well! Japanese entertainment weekly Famitsu put the PSP through its paces in their 15 April issue and sure enough: pressing combinations of buttons on the PSP will make Aibo do different tricks -– no hacking necessary! Sign in for the full skinny on yet another great “Hey, did you know the PSP could…” story.

**UPDATE: The folks at Famitsu magazine get WWJ’s vote for “Best April Fools Joke 2005.” To be fair, since many of our visitors do not have access to the paid subscriber section, we have posted an excerpt from our original story extended text below:

Unfortunately, our request to Sony PR (to put WWJ staff, an Aibo and a PSP into a room together to see what develops) was denied. Nor does Sony plan on supporting inter-electronic-species dating in the near future. Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Nanako Kato commented to WWJ in an e-mail: “I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “interactivity,” but if you are talking about remote operation of Aibo via PSP using wireless connection, etc., at this point in time, there are no plans for us to offer such service between PSP and Aibo.” Hmmmmm…. We’ll try to get something (on video, of course) soon, because this sounds like it would be Way Too Much Fun… although our little Kitty-chan might not think so! No matter; where there’s a gaming will there is a way… WWJ assumes no responsibility for any damage or mayhem that may ensue to people, property or electronic puppies.

In the due diligence that defines WWJ’s effort to “get the facts in English from Tokyo ground zero,” we even trudged over to the Sony Style Showroom in Odaiba last week to give this a try. However, for some reason, the staff there were not at all keen on letting us take Aibo for a test drive using the PSP! Gotta wonder now if we’ll see this kind of function on their next-gen PSP 2… fun times indeed.

Staff at Famitsu magazine discovered that pressing the Left and Circle button while simultaneously spinning the analog stick on the PSP will make Aibo sit up from a down position and shake hands (see our past report on other tricks hot-wired into Aibo’s brain).

PS2 plus PSP: using the PSP, hold L/R/select and start –- you can reset the PS2 and eject the game.

PSX plus PSP: With the PSP, holding L/R triangle/circle and down will play the DVD.

Sony Net MD plus PSP: With the NetMD Desktop Audio System LAM–ZO3; on the PSP holding down L/R/Left and Down, Square and X, will make it play a random song.

PSP plus VHS Video DVD Recorder RDR-VD60: While turning the analog pad, hold down LR and Square. This will play the VHS video or DVD.

Here are a few more PSP Home Control tricks

The Net is abuzz with legal and not-so-legal tweaks for the PSP; everything from playing PSP games on a Mac to turning your PSP into a Web browser. The latter may be unnecessary for gamers in Korea; leading Korean Internet and fixed-line phone service provider KT Corp. will provide WiFi connectivity for Sony’s Korean version of the PSP through their 14,000 NESPOT hot spots scattered around the country. According to KT, service will start from 2 May and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea have already begun accepting advance reservations for their pumped up PSP.

But connectivity comes at a price. Koreans are paying around $323 for their PSP while Americans can pick one up for $279 from PC Connection. At least that’s better than in the UK, where sale of the PSP has been delayed for (possibly) several more months due to a lack of chips. Gee! That bites….

— Gail Nakada