U.S Market
U.S Market

Kyocera Enables WirelessWallet Trials

Kyocera announced the successful field-testing of handsets used in a WirelessWallet consumer trial by Cellular South. Equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, the handsets were used by consumers to make wireless payments and purchases in the nation’s first multi-city trial by a wireless service provider. According to Cellular South, WirelessWallet will become available to consumers in early 2008.

Capcom Releases Mobile StreetFighter II

Capcom Interactive has announced the mobile version of StreetFighter II in celebration of the 20th anniversary since the popular arcade game was released. The download, targeted via US-based operators, runs $6.99 and looks very much like the real-deal. Modeled on the arcade classic the game, Street Fighter II allows the player to battle through more than eight different stages including several boss characters on their way to becoming the World Champion.


Since it’s ‘the big day’ we thought that it would be fitting to post a follow-up to our original comments back in January. While there has been an incredible amount of discussion around this topic over the last few months, the observation below from Russell over at Mowser pretty much sums it up best.

Telecordia Enables KDDI America

Telcordia Technologies announced that it has enabled KDDI America, Inc. to launch a MVNO that offers prepaid services and tariffs targeted to Japanese communities in the United States. KDDI America will be relying on the Telcordia Hosted Solution for MVNOs, which offers pre-paid and post-paid wireless services without having to own or manage a network. KDDI America will specifically be providing a real-time pre-paid service that includes flexible rates on calls to and from Japan.

Verizon Announces Wireless Wallet

Verizon Wireless has announced their m-commerce service, enabled as a BREW application from technology partner Obopay as the first mobile payment offering for any major U.S. carrier, will be available in the coming weeks. The Obopay service will allow customers to receive, send and spend money via their mobile phones, check their account balances, collect money owed from other mobile users, view transaction histories and invite friends to use the system.

Wireless Wallet Trials in US

According to PC World, Cellular South in Jackson, Miss., joined USA Technologies in Malvern, Pa., this week to announce a two-city consumer trial of WirelessWallet, a service that will let consumers make m-commerce payments from a cell phone. They will use handsets from Kyocera that will act as a digital credit card enabling customers to tap & go their phone on a NFC terminal to make purchases.

MLB Team Offers QR Code Tickets

According to this press release the MLB Washington Nationals became the first major sports team in the United States to use mobile phone ticketing technology in April. Tickets@Phone will allow fans to have their tickets delivered to their phone via text message which includes a unique barcode along with standard ticket information. The barcode may be scanned for entry at the left side of Main Gate at RFK Stadium. Once scanned, each guest will receive a print out of their ticket to be retained throughout the game.

KDDI to Launch U.S. Operations

This article by the Asahi Shimbun, stating that KDDI will launch services on Sprint Nextels network, has created alot of buzz across the web in the last 24hrs. According to that story the company “… has obtained a business license to serve as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in 49 of the 50 U.S. states”. While of course it makes perfect sense to us for KDDI to consider how they might port the lessons learned here into other developing markets, the details provided from this original source raised more questions than they answered. The Asahi quotes un-named officials, no announcement appears on either of the carriers websites, saying that “KDDI Mobile” will begin offering full-scale services in the U.S. by mid-April.

CTIA: Ready for Japan?

The annual CTIA event is underway – like spring break for telco geeks – this week in Orlando and the PR is flowing. While there is predictable hype surrounding mobile tv and m-commerce, it’s satisfying to see that indeed the industry over-seas is beginning to embrace the functions and services we have seen developed and deployed here in Japan over the last few years. Now of the course the trick is, after the chatter, what happens next. As they say “the devil’s in the details” so time will tell, but it really does seem that things are warming up under the Florida sun!

DoCoMo's New U.S. Advisory Board

DoCoMo announced today that it will launch a fourth U.S. Advisory Board, which will hold its first meeting in the United States on April 11, 2007. The board will be chaired by former United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Michael K. Powell, currently chairman of the MK Powell Group and senior advisor of Providence Equity Capital, and will include Dr. C. Fred Bergsten, founder and director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, who served as chairperson on two previous boards.