Sign of the Times
Sign of the Times

4G Chipset for Willcom XGP

Wavesat announced that its “Odyssey” chipset is the first, and currently the only, to be widely deployed in Willcom’s new “XGP” broadband wireless network, which entered commercial service this month in Japan. Willcom’s data-only XGP service, based on a 4G “OFDMA” standard, is available to the general public and enterprise users. The 4G multi-core architecture incorporates multiple ultra low power DSPs, offering flexibility, high performance and low power consumption. The SOC manufactured using advanced Embedded DRAM technology requires no external memory, thus saving customers power consumption for very small form-factor. The Odyssey chipset is featured in Willcom’s GX001N XGP PC Cards manufactured by NEC.

A Super Slick Mobile Ad Campaign

While blitzing through the typhoon from one meeting to another along the JR Yamanote lines yesterday afternoon we stumbled across this groovy installation by Mediacure on the platform. Promoting the latest hot drink sensation – CoCo Presso, basically Hot CoCo flavored espresso – which has also been running what would have to be a rather expensive TV ad campaign.

Mildly interested, and certainly in need of a hot shot of something, upon entering the booth it was clear they were using the FeliCa tap & go call-to-action, note reader embedded beside the LCD screen on the last photo. Sure enough it loaded a crisp Flash mobile website offering a coupon for a quick discount on the product via the co-located vending machine, which of course is also NFC-enabled. The entire sequence of snapping the pix below and grabbing a jolt of sweet caffeine took like 90-seconds before our next train came along. Thanks to the folks at Meiji – this surprise treat really made our day!

Fujitsu Exhibits 3D Motion Sensor Engine

Fujitsu announced that they have developed “3D motion Sen Synge engine” technology that three-dimensionally measured the movement of the body of the person who had it by using the sensor built into a mobile phone. The application program “ETGA swing lesson” as a featured example is able to check the golf swing was developed to demonstrate the potential applications of this service.

“ETGA swing lesson” analyzes the orbit of the swing form from the body movement data, and diagnoses the swing. It only has to install the cellular phone equipped with the acceleration sensor and the giro sensor in the small of the back, and it is possible to compare it with a past best swing of the self besides the evaluation and advice are received. It exhibits at “CEATEC JAPAN 2009” held in Makuhari Messe on October 6th.

DoCoMo Unveils Touch Wood Handset

DoCoMo announced it has developed a mobile phone prototype made with the surplus wood of trees culled during thinning operations to maintain healthy forests. The mock-up was created in collaboration with Sharp, Olympus and th ‘More Trees’ reforestation project founded by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and others. This would represent a natural addition to previous corn based offerings – circa 2005 – via NEC and Fujitsu.

Solar Charger for iPhone

iPhone owners will be happy to hear there is potential salvation for extra juice while on the run coming soon via this external solar panel charger. Tagged at about $40 and available as of Sept. 1st it will also connect power-up thirsty Nintendo DS and PSP and Japanese 3G handsets as well.

DoCoMo Considers Mobitel Investment

According to a recent interview with Toshinari Kunieda, senior vice president and managing director of DoCoMo’s global business, the company is considering taking a stake in Cambodian operator Mobitel. Currently held by Millicom International Cellular (MIC), the report suggests while no final decision has been made the acquisition would add strength to their expanding APAC operations. Operating under the CamGSM banner, the dominant telco has 2M subscribers with just under 50% market share.

Security Robot with Mobile Ads

Tech-On has a great article on the digital future of robotic security services, with this An9-PR on display by ALSOK sporting an impressive laundry list of gadgetery. Aside from range of LCD touch panels, we’ll get to that after the hop, it touts a face-recognition camera, embedded FeliCa RFID functions, human range sensors and WLAN connectivity for positioning and reporting. Standing 160cm (about 5ft) tall and tipping the scales at 200kg this real-life cousin of R2D2 comes with a hefty price tag of about $150k and will be available for monthly lease of about $3,000 including on-going maintenance fees.

Japan Mobile Market Growth in 2008

According to the Nikkei, the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecomms announced the mobile contents and services market results in 2008 increased by 17% YoY to reach 1.35 Trillion JPY (approx. $14 Billion usd), mobile advertising not included. The mobile commerce market, including mail orders and stock transactions recorded $9B, up 19% while airline and hotel reservations, in the same segment, increased by 25%. The mobile contents category, lead by music, games and e-books, gained 13% to about $5B. Do the math on a mobile population of 106M contracts!