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InnoPath Named Global MDM Leader

IDC released a report earlier this month which identified InnoPath as the strongest MDM (Mobile Device Management) vendor in its ability to gain market share and alignment with market opportunities. Of the top eleven MDM providers, InnoPath was favorably positioned with its ability to leverage market trends, its growth potential, as well as its ability to gain market share.

EMOBILE Selects InnoPath's OTA

InnoPath announced that EMOBILE has selected their Integrated Mobile Device Management Solution (iMDM) to deliver over-the-air firmware updates and configuration management. EMOBILE will be deploying InnoPath’s Firmware Manager allowing for software and firmware updates, in addition to offering its Configuration Manager enabling remote configuration of settings and new services; both applications being offered over-the-air, in real time. With this announcement, the company now has agreements tied with KDDI, Softbank, and eMobile and license agreements with several of the handset manufacturers which are sold under the DoCoMo brand.

InnoPath Appoints New President for Japan

InnoPath Software, Inc. today announced telecommunications industry veteran Shinichi Sawai as the president of InnoPath’s Japan operations. Sawai brings more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge in the Japanese telecommunications industry and will be responsible for continuing InnoPath’s positive growth of influence within the Japanese mobile device management (MDM) market. Sawai recently oversaw the successful promotion of global business for NTT Data Corporation, a system integrator group comprised of 100 subsidiaries and affiliates. Prior to NTT Data Corporation, he played a major role in developing 3G radio systems for Lucent Technologies, Japan.

KDDI Deploys InnoPath's Mobile Device Software Management Solution

InnoPath Software (formerly DoOnGo Technologies), today announced that KDDI Corp., a leading wireless operator in Japan, has deployed InnoPath’s DeltaUpgrade Plus end-to-end solution to provide seamless OTA delivery of advanced services for KDDI handset users. The service was launched initially with handset model W31T and W32SA, and will be expanded to other new handset models. With KDDI’s rollout, three major wireless operators in the United States and Japan have now commercialised InnoPath’s solution on live wireless networks, managing over 50 million devices with an additional 2.5 million added every month. InnoPath is the only end-to-end OTA device management company actively updating handset software in commercial deployments.

LiMo Foundation Gaining Membership

The LiMo Foundation issued a statement [.PDF] to announce it has experienced a surge in membership as some of world’s most well-known mobile industry players have joined the Foundation during the past six months. Aplix, Celunite, LG Electronics, McAfee and Wind River have joined as Core members and will participate on the foundation board. Additionally, ARM, Broadcom, Ericsson, Innopath, KTF, MontaVista Software and NXP B.V. have joined as Associate members.

Vodafone Japan's Final Media Briefing: Out with a Whimper

Vodafone Japan’s Final Media Briefing: Out with a WhimperFor Vodafone Japan, the end came not with a bang, but with a whimper. When we arrived at last Monday’s press event – the final one, it turned out, before news of the Japan sell-out hit the Web – the smell of pending doom hung in the air. Ironically, the media briefing bore an optimistic title: the “Future Direction of Product & Service Development.” It was also surprising to see that President Bill Morrow and Chairman Tsuda-san would attend for the 3G roadmap briefing to be given by former J-Phone super-star Ohta-san; WWJ has never seen three Vodafone Big Guys in one room together for a media briefing (perhaps there is safety in numbers)? But when the talk from all three turned out vague and totally avoided any mention of new MVNO’s signing up to resell Vodafone 3G capacity — widely considered to be one of Big Red’s few viable options in Japan — we suspected something was up.

And when we learned that a $49 bn write-off had been announced by London on the same day, it was obvious that the clock had already started ticking down for the carrier’s long-speculated Japan exit. Thus ended, after some five years of trying, what could have been one of the most brilliant tie-ups between a global brand name and world-leading Japanese mobile know-how.

Bitfone Expands Asia Operations, Relocates China Development Center to Beijing

Bitfone Corporation, the company that pioneered firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update technology for mobile phones, today announced it is expanding Asia Operations and has relocated the company’s China Development Center (CDC) to Beijing to support growing device management opportunities in the Asia Pacific market. This expansion includes the addition of Dr. De Ji, vice president of the CDC and Asia Pacific Professional Services, as well as increasing resources in Asia to 20 percent of Bitfone’s workforce.