Year: <span>2013</span>
Year: 2013

Mobile World Congress Post Event Report – New Horizons

For those who went, a record 72,000 delegates, guessing you’ll have to agree: there was a certain ‘shift’ feeling at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. If you didn’t manage to attend there’s plenty of material to review out there, suggest the Show Daily, simply put – as always – far better to have been there in person to compare the new vibe with years past.

Maybe good to start here with a defining quote by Benedict Evans via an otherwise confusing (innovative or not?) WSJ post: “It is a trade fair, but a trade fair for a $1 trillion industry.” Yes, it seems we are all grown-up now. While the energy is evident, the players are changing and the buzz generated years ago by the addition of App Planet, and collectable ‘droid pins, has given way to a more matured atmosphere. Rushing between those huge halls we saw many clearly pleased, and a few panicked, faces.. but most notable was the Silence. A signature background music theme is def. in order for future gatherings.