Panasonic Survey of Feature Phone Users
Panasonic Survey of Feature Phone Users

Panasonic Survey of Feature Phone Users

Panasonic Survey of Feature Phone Users

In order to understand why current feature phone users have not migrated yet, Panasonic conducted this survey:

Machine Translation
For the purpose of understanding of awareness and actual situation on the smartphone, Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. conducted a survey of 600 men and 600 women mobile phone users, aged 20’s to 40’s, in the Tokyo metropolitan area between May-June. By performing the development of products that those who understand the changes in attitudes of mobile phone users in the future, to use the smart phone for the first time even easy to use, we will continue to support the transition to smartphone mobile user. Mobile: In the present study, we described with unity as “mobile phone” that of “conventional mobile phone with the exception of the smartphone”

Main findings

I want to have a smartphone, but do not buy. There is a gap in awareness and behavior of mobile phone users.
When asked to be? “Or want to use a smartphone at least once” to the mobile phone users, 43 percent of people close to half answered “yes”. However, people who answered “Study is not specifically a replacement,” and I asked to be “? Do you specifically consider the replacement of the smart phone” to the person who answered “yes” is about it was found that to understand is that some 60%, a gap occurs in the consciousness and behavior of mobile phone users.

Why not replacement is “anxiety smartphone” and “difference between the mobile phone operation”.
When asked why he or she hesitated a replacement for those who do not plan to replacement, “smartphone because it is evil do so have the battery compared to the mobile phone” (28%), “‘m used to the functional operation of the mobile phone” ( “smartphones are large compared to the mobile, can not be operated with one hand” 25%), (17%), “because there is love in the mobile phone now” and so on (21%), and the difference between the mobile phone operation, smartphone people are reluctant to replacement because of the anxiety often that is now clear.

All that is necessary for the mobile phone users to smartphone replace the “course to learn how to use”.
As an opportunity to eliminate concerns that an obstacle to When Kaikaeru to smartphone, and supports the offered course of one person willing to lecture how to use the smartphone to three things turned out. In addition, “for security measures”, such as voice, “tips for longer lasting battery” and the “handy app and introduce you put” were raised with respect to many lectures.