2nd Annual Tokyo Smartphone App Awards
2nd Annual Tokyo Smartphone App Awards

2nd Annual Tokyo Smartphone App Awards

2nd Annual Tokyo Smartphone App Awards

MCF has announced their call for submissions to the 2013 Smartphone App Awards with a $10,000 Grand Prize: http://bit.ly/YtWkIS

We noted their inaugural effort last year, see the 2012 event winners here [Eds]

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Message from the organizer
Smartphones just beyond communication world has become a pillar of the industry now. Smartphone, now occupies an important position as new media beyond the concept of mobile phones so far in the field of communication. I say together with the tablet, and it has become a tool of life that are essential to everyday life. A wide variety of application will be installed therein and further has brought great advances lifestyles of people. In the evolution of a variety of devices and communication environment, what is the evolution of these apps, the life style of the people, the local economy, it has become increasingly important to the development of the world culture.

Mobile Content Forum Institute, general decided to hold a smartphone app to Tokyo International Award 2013 as in the previous year. It is up to you and thank you again, thanks to thick support each company of our group started a special sponsor our three major carriers, like Microsoft Japan as well. We have also set up according to the theme theme organizer company, Windows8 will join the new OS, such as increasing the department department applicants and students, to allow a wide range of applicants many people this year.

That you apply to work along each theme and lots of creative engineers nationwide, honored, and the development of technology development in smart phone, smart phone business in Japan, will lead to the activation of the business world in Japan, and thus and I know. We are looking forward surprised the world with free ideas from everyone by all means, and your out-of-this-world application, interesting fun app.

Mobile Content Forum General Association
Executive Committee smartphone APP Award Tokyo
Ryuichi Terayama chairman

Submission period
February 01, 2013 February 28, 2013

Exhibition theme from two companies 1 group themes and organizer of the three points, a favorite from among the six themes total Choose a theme , Web apps themed, or Android application, the proposal creates or student (a Windows8 app please apply together only). Proposal for the application of the 12/13 division of student orientation is being prepared so that you can download to suit. Depending on your theme, You can download the material data such as icons and images that can be used in submissions. (Page and let us know. Distribution plan in the mid-12 Mon FaceBook then you notice in) Entries shall be able to run Android, on Windows8 or Web browser, on your smartphone. Please Help us to create a fantastic app, fun app, free app interesting idea for you. Entries detailed Guidelines for applicants refer to. Material data is available only to submissions.

○ highest award 1 point, 1 million yen prize trophy
○ two Excellence Award, trophy and a prize of 300,000 yen each
○ 3 organizer award, trophy and a prize of 100,000 yen each
○ 3 Corporate Awards, each trophy and prize money 100 000 yen
○ 1 special award Windows8, 200,000 yen for each prize trophy and
○ 1 Android, trophy and a prize of 100,000 yen each
○ 1 HTML5, trophy and a prize of 100,000 yen each
○ 10 Award Finalist 20,000 yen for each prize and a commemorative
○ 1 Grand Prize Student 300,000 yen for each prize and a trophy

Award-winning exhibitors theme work, there is a possibility of consultation for commercial use from work or a portion thereof exhibitors theme. Take advantage of opportunities for collaboration with exhibitors as themes. The award ceremony is set for 17 April 2013.