1st Annual Japan Smartphone Awards
1st Annual Japan Smartphone Awards

1st Annual Japan Smartphone Awards

1st Annual Japan Smartphone Awards

Mobile Content Forum (MCF) is running 1st Tokyo Smartphone App Awards, entry deadline Feb. 13th, details http://bit.ly/yJnkRZ

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Message from the organizer

In recent years, the spread of smartphone is progressing rapidly, accounting for a large weight in the future will no doubt. Smartphone has a new media a great deal of attention, as a communication tool of the future beyond the concept of mobile phones so far. Android platform and its applications continue to evolve at a rate tremendous is trying to bring to us and countless business opportunities, and future evolution remains without that. On the other hand, if by pointing your eye to its content, each companies and developers are aware of the high probability of HTML5 as the next generation of Web Standards and Technology, have begun exploring the use in a variety of fields. In this way, but potentially smart phone is sleeping a lot, a method to take advantage of it is the state of trial and error still.

Mobile Content Forum General Institute, sponsored by two large community of creators, engineers and three major sponsors of this career, with the theme of the company, cooperation, or other exhibit an eight organizations, held a “smartphone APP Award” Tokyo Part 1 I will. We can apply your work along the theme of the creators, engineers each from everyone all over Japan, which recognizes, development and technology development in the smartphone, smartphone business in Japan and will lead to the activation of Japan’s overall business and therefore We would. In the free thinking of you and welcomes your submissions apps, fun app, app definitely interesting out-of-this-world.

Institute of Mobile Content Forum General
Award Tokyo Executive Committee smartphone APP
chairman Ryuichi Terayama
Message from the Chief Judge

Mobile service is now, has reached a turning point very large. Shift to smart phones is not only rapidly from a traditional mobile phone and you want Sashikakaro from the turn of the third generation to fourth-generation network is also.

What future smartphones become mainstream, favorite of the “Computer Commuter”. Are being invented one after another and by being innovative utilization are available at all times carry, in computing the desk and was not considered. Smartphones to act always with people, power is ON at all times, is an innovative electronic device that can communicate with a single addition. We hope to explore with you the possibility of utilization of a new smartphone can demonstrate the potential of next-generation networks utilizing the unique characteristics of these mobile, we will expand further future.

We have great expectations that the rally is a great idea to this contest, will further contribute to the activation of mobile content industry.

Yuichi Kogure (Associate Professor, Musashino Gakuin University, Vice President of Society of Mobile)
Message from the Community Sponsorship.

Application period for acceptance
December 16, 2011 February 13, 2012 (Fri) (Mon)
Award presentation, awards ceremony
We plan to (Monday) March 26, 2012.
The winning candidates will be notified by e-mail or telephone from the Executive Committee.
Highest award 1 point, 2 million yen prize money
Excellence Award (award sponsor) Two points, prize money of 500,000 yen each
Exhibitor award theme 1 point each (total of 9 points), (equivalent to 50,000 yen smartphone latest products, terminals, tablet) prizes
Android award One point, 100,000 yen prize money
HTML5 award One point, 100,000 yen prize money
Award-winning exhibitors work on your theme, you may be approached for commercial use or a portion thereof from Exhibitor theme work. Please use as an opportunity for collaboration with exhibitors theme.


Choose a theme you like from the exhibition theme of a group of eight companies, or Web application in line with the theme, please create an Android app. Depending on your theme, material data, such as icons and images can be used for submissions (※ 1) can be downloaded. Entries, shall be able to run on the smartphone Web browser, or on the Android. Please Call After you create apps, fun app, the app interesting out-of-this-world ideas of everyone free. For more information Entries Guidelines apply please visit.

Material data (※ 1) is only available entries. Secondary distribution and diversion, etc. is prohibited.
Partners organizer

Sponsored by
Mobile Content Forum General Institute (MCF)
Tokyo smartphone APP Executive Committee Award
Sponsored by
NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
CA Mobile, Ltd.
Japan Society of Android
Mobile Society
Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Hakuhodo Inc.
(Alphabetical Order) exhibit theme cooperation
Ion Bank (Bank ion Co., Ltd.)
ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.)
Suntory (Corporation / Suntory Suntory Business Expert Co., liquor)
Shiseido (Shiseido Co., Ltd.)
WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature Japan public interest)
Tokyo Sky Tree ® Inc. (Tobu Tower Sky Tree)
Nissan Motor (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
Nissin Food Products Inc. (Nissin)
FamilyMart (FamilyMart Co., Ltd.)

It should be noted, Inc. For further information, please contact sponsor, sponsoring organization, exhibitors theme, please refrain from cooperation to the company. For inquiries, contact dedicated to (MCF) Mobile Content Forum is sponsored by The Institute of general please contact us by e-mail .