Sharp Aquos Phone SH-10D Review
Sharp Aquos Phone SH-10D Review

Sharp Aquos Phone SH-10D Review

Sharp Aquos Phone SH-10D Review

Here’s a quick review of new Sharp SH-10D smartphone, best of breed offer, available via DoCoMo on Aug. 30th:

Just for you Tomi.. 😎

The new Sharp SH-10D sv(Super View) model for DoCoMo touts an ultra crisp HD 4.5″ LCD silicon CG screen running Android 4.0 via dual-mode DoCoMo 3G / LTE network with WiFi 802.11b/g/n and full tethering package standard. It features the super-slick Feel UX design interface on a dual-core 1.5GHz cpu at 1Gb RAM, 12M camera and 1900mAh battery with optional SH37 extra juice pack. Typical functions of micro-USB, infrared comms, NFC wallet, 1seg digital TV, Flash, Waterproof, FM Radio, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 and MicroSDXC card supporting to 64GB external data along with usual operator service offerings such as i-Channel, i-Conceir voice, area mail, quake alerts, sp-mode and d-menu etc.

In fact it’s very similar to specs for their ZETA SH-09D (dubbed the SH-106 Xx for SoftBank) which was announced by DoCoMo on the same day. That model had a slightly larger display and quickly sold-out across the board at 70,000JPY with contract!

Some of the interesting notable features on this 10-D model:
– They claim instant-on camera shoots continuous 3M images for sweet HDR pix
– It has both HMDI and Wireless (Aquos) outputs for sharing to big-screen TV’s
– Includes new NOTTV tuner with viewing cradle and 5.1ch Dolby Surround Sound
– Cut-edge design with hybrid Sapphire glass is stronger and more comfortable.
– Folks might even get a taste of this one State-side as it’s cleared the FCC!

A quick hands-on of the 3 new Sharp units from launch presser

Considering both Hard and Soft features with a razor focus on quality, speed and endurance for run time and physical strength, this design will hold it’s own in face of competitive offerings in 2H of 2012.