Japan Handset Models for Summer 2012
Japan Handset Models for Summer 2012

Japan Handset Models for Summer 2012

Japan Handset Models for Summer 2012

All three Jpn telcos have made 2012 Summer Season handset announcements today – here’s our quick review http://bit.ly/JhLyNI

Enough to make any tech journo cry, however, since they all bolt out the door at the same time we’ll just gang-up some links below.. with a few comments for now [Eds]

KDDI releases 8 devices, 5 Smart and 3 Feature.. that Quad-Core Fujitsu is certainly impressive! See the full current line-up page here (all links in Japanese).

DoCoMo came out ripping with 19 new units, and it would take 1,000 well-crafted words to go thru everything, so suggest for starters you watch the ustream of that presentation embedded below.

A few bullet points off the top:

– All smartphones – other than the dongle and tablet – all running on Android 4.0
– The first up to show was Samsung Galaxy III.. with FeliCa NFC chip for the first time!
– Also indicating the Fujitsu Arrows model as super high-spec. unit, new benchmark set.
– The first ever Raku-Raku (simple) smartphone styled unit targeted at Seniors – Wow..
– We can’t remember the last time a new Kodomo-keitai (childrens phone) was released?
– New serice announcements for Cloud and Flat-Rate content.. certainly watch that space
– This may well have been Yamada-sans last public presser as he retires in June = Thanks!

Should point out that today SoftBank Mobile actually only ‘announced‘ their summer lineup event will be streaming live on May 29th.. the countdown clock is here.