Japan Mobile High School Students Survey
Japan Mobile High School Students Survey

Japan Mobile High School Students Survey

Japan Mobile High School Students Survey

Latest survey by Recruit on mobile usage by high-school students in Japan shows 40% smartphone adoption rate: http://bit.ly/NwiH8v

Some pretty interesting results released on this one.. albeit a somewhat small sample group size [Eds]

Machine Translation:

 By “actual condition survey of usage in high school WEB” Recruit College Research Institute has made. Of the members of Macromill monitor, Internet survey conducted in April 20 from April 13 to high school students as of March 2012, and aggregates the responses of 1,239 people.

 Ownership rate of digital equipment, notebook PC 75.4%, 72.2% of mobile phone, desktop PC is 61.7%, 39.2% smartphone, tablet PC 10.9%, PC 7.8% mobile type (such as a netbook) order.

 Devices that you own as your own private, but top mobile phone 67.2%, a decrease of 11.3 points from 78.5% last year. On the other hand, but Smartphone 36.5%, has been a significant increase of 24.1 points from 12.4% last year. In addition, the notebook PC 34.5%, 17.4% of desktop PC, tablet PC 5.2%, 3.5% for mobile PC.

 Is available as a scene, PC, the time available has been immobilized (69.9%), immediately after returning home (41.8%), and 23.7% when returning home from a futon to go to bed calmly. On the other hand, mobile phone smartphone, when returning home (60.3%), from calm to go to bed futon (57.5%), to sleep since the beginning of futon bed (56.7%), school holiday time (55.3% When the school (49.9%), immediately after returning home (47.6%), time (43.4%), up to go to school soon after awakening, such as (38.1%), are used during the day one until it enters the futon from immediately after waking up. “) have that “.

 Utilization (SNS) is 77.0% community site, an increase of 15.7 points from 61.3% of last year. By gender, 81.4% girls, 70.9% of boys.

 Community sites that are currently available, 50.2% have Twitter, 37.9% is mixi, 29.5%, 22.8% are GREE, 22.6% have Facebook, 21.1%, “Purofu” Mobage is 29.8%, “blog” is Ameburo order of 12.4%. It should be noted that these numbers have become in the overall percentage of high school students surveyed, including not using the community site. In addition, since the account for the presence or absence of registration is not particularly limited, and in some services there is a possibility to also include people who are just browsing.

 Compared with last year, Twitter has 16.2 points, mixi is 14.5 points, Facebook has increased 9.9 points respectively. On the other hand, GREE decreased 0.5 points. In addition, the decrease is unknown Ameburo Mobage and because they present choices from this year’s survey.

 As the purpose of use of community site, a tool for communicating with friends and acquaintances (67.0%), kill (56.0%), where to get the top of the latest information (52.0%).