DoCoMo Builds National Weather Network
DoCoMo Builds National Weather Network

DoCoMo Builds National Weather Network

DoCoMo Builds National Weather Network

DoCoMo establishes a national weather sensor network, with 4,000 locations, to monitor and report real-time info:

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Machine Translation:

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announces a sensor to the location of base stations across the country, etc., meteorological data 1 An attempt has been made ​​to project to measure the sensor network environment, meteorological data and weather forecast We will begin offering (Monday) July 2, 2012 a “live environment DoCoMo” portal site to provide information with a focus on.

“Live DoCoMo environment” as a site providing information, real-time weather and environmental information has been observed in approximately 4,000 locations nationwide sensor network environment, disaster prevention information such as delivery of weather, dry skin · UV · further pollen We provide information tailored to the season, such as assisted living and related measures such as introduction of the goods. In addition, we also introduced environmental information apps for smartphones that use the sensor network environment.

Beginning service providers, as planning for the summer, we will provide extensive information such as the provision of content applications against UV, and anti-power-saving heat stroke, associated with it.

It should be noted that for ultraviolet, new locations across the country 71 2 In addition to the observation at the start, we will provide a live value at the point estimate of the maximum 4,500 nationwide by the arithmetic processing program was developed jointly with Weather Service 3 .
Application to introduce to the beginning to offer “live environment DoCoMo” is as follows.

“concier UV whitening care” app information and advice about anti-ultraviolet UV 4
March 31, 2013 July 2, 2012 Period: provided (a)
Price: 250 yen (tax included)
application to provide relevant information about the energy saving and heat stroke “DoCoMo Heat Live” (tentative name)
September 30, 2012 July 9, 2012: the time of offering (1)
Price: Free

DoCoMo aims to “integrated service company that focuses on the mobile”, will continue to provide a safe, secure and best service to each customer in the future.

Data value is that of a live pollen, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation and lightning.
Nine locations nationwide, has established a place as a reference point or observation point 62 as two observation criteria.
This data will be provided in three B2C and B2B. We offer a wide range, including Paula, Ltd. in B2B. 4 this application is developed in cooperation with the media seek Co., Ltd., will be provided as the company’s application.