New Mobile Social Gaming Committee
New Mobile Social Gaming Committee

New Mobile Social Gaming Committee

New Mobile Social Gaming Committee

A new mobile social gaming committee has been announced with six main players in Japan noted as founding members:

Considering all of the age and avg. spend related regulatory issues of late – this should come as no surprise [Eds]

Machine Translation

For Council Committee established preparation for improving the environment of the establishment of social game (tentative name)

 Corporation NHN Japan, GREE, Inc., CyberAgent, Inc., DWANGO Co., Ltd., DeNA Co., Ltd. and mixi, Inc. (hereinafter referred to “six” is a social game platform today Coordinating Council “Liaison Committee”) as, improving the environment of social gaming council (tentative name, “new group” hereinafter) Preparatory Committee for the Establishment: was established to inform you that the (Chair Masao Horibe, Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University).

The purpose of the establishment
 It aims to improve the environment can be used with peace of mind that customers take advantage of such social games, to strengthen self-regulation by the related business of social gaming, intended to contribute to society, such as educational activities of Information Ethics for and adolescents , intellectuals, academics, consumer groups, the company provides games, such as platform management company is participating in, we aim the establishment of an early stage.

Background of the establishment of
 And environmental development of the rapid spread of the conventional means of communication mechanism such as a different smartphone, by expanding the social gaming market due to it, available services with confidence has clearly become a matter of urgency. Against such problems, in the Council and individual companies, but we have been making efforts such as the formulation of guidelines is also self-regulation so far, six companies to expand from the current participation, this effort, in order to aim will to participate also in companies, etc. operate platform experts, academics, consumer groups, the company provides games, other than the six widely, further improvement of the environment for the usage of our customers, to strengthen the voluntary efforts, the organizations new and it was decided to establish, to launch a preparatory committee for the establishment.

Activities to schedule
 About the activities of the organizations new, but will be determined on via the deliberations of the Preparatory Committee for the future, the time being, we are planning the following activities, Miles activities to contribute to the improvement of environment use social games is willing. Sharing of information relevant laws, formulate and revise such guidelines, the development of methods of compliance with guidelines confirm Study of rational choice and contribute to the voluntary provision of items such as display of percentage, of the user -fee Examination of measures such as limit-setting of notification, to the high use issues , development of consultation services for customers such as the implementation of educational activities for the Youth Information Ethics Investigation of anti-trade real money and other, of the environment in general use of social games recommendations for the improvement.

Overview of the preparatory committee was established
 The preparatory committee was established, Mr. Masao Horibe, Professor Emeritus of Hitotsubashi University was appointed as Chair. In addition, the member, Institute of Computer Entertainment in general proven efforts to soundness of Mr. Ryoji Mori Naoto Okude Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, partner of law firm lawyers wisdom, the gaming industry Association (CESA, director in charge: Mr. Yoichi Wada, etc.) In addition, we plan experts, academics, and other six companies.