ACCESS Announces TV More Android App
ACCESS Announces TV More Android App

ACCESS Announces TV More Android App

ACCESS Announces TV More Android App

All 5 major broadcasters in Japan have joined for new mobile VOD Android app running on the ACCESS NetFront platform:

We should note – this is not to be confused with the well-established 1Seg mobile broadcast platform here [Eds]

Machine Translation

ACCESS Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc., TV Asahi and TV Tokyo, Fuji Television Network ยท TBS TV Nippon Television Network Corporation (hereinafter referred to , Android’s “(TV) TV more” (Video On Demand) VOD services provided by the companies) five key commercial TV stations developed a tablet version of smartphones and application support, we have provided. This application, from today, as an app has been started broadcasting “TV more” for Android.

Is to promote real-time viewing of terrestrial broadcasting, as the purpose of expanding the program viewing time, is its own VOD service five key commercial TV station to promote jointly by Dentsu and “TV more.” This VOD service, at the touch of a button, VOD services as the official broadcasting station of different genres can watch the program, has been initiated to provide equipment for high-definition digital TV recorders and Blu-ray on April 2 this year. This time, ACCESS, under the cooperation of five key commercial TV stations and Dentsu, taking advantage of VOD and application development capabilities in mobile software, to develop smartphone apps tablet version of this service, we have provided.

App, has been taking advantage of mobile technology software design and development of content and design while ACCESS followed the TV version, to achieve a comfortable viewing environment even in environments with limited memory “TV more” for Android. Media player “NetFront high-performance multi-platform Media Player ” by implementing, achieving a secure video distribution on the terminal Android. So type store, search and makes it easy to buy content from within the app is possible.

“TV more” Application Name:
June 20, 2012: Launched
Since Android 2.3: OS support
Smartphones and tablet support Android: compatible devices
Usage: from the terminal and later by Android 2.3, and download access to the official website “TV more,” you can use. In addition, this application is the future, our plan is to be pre-installed on some models.
For more information, such as the target model, see the official website: http://Www.Mottotv.Jp