DoCoMo Booth at Mobile Asia Expo
DoCoMo Booth at Mobile Asia Expo

DoCoMo Booth at Mobile Asia Expo

DoCoMo Booth at Mobile Asia Expo

Here’s the demo booth details for @DoCoMo exhibits at GSMA’s Mobile Asia Expo running June 20-22 in Shanghai:

Of course we’d love to be there – have fun – but, already booked for CMMA in Singapore [Eds]

DOCOMO Exhibits at Mobile Asia Expo 2012
The booth will present various services offered by DOCOMO China, including platform solutions for e-commerce in the growing Chinese market. New technologies on display will include cloud-based mobile services for real-time interpretation via mobile phones and easy-to-use auto text translation for emails and SNS. Smartphone sleeves equipped with sensors to measure body fat, weather conditions, breath alcohol concentration, etc., paving the way for new mobile services, will also be displayed.

June 20: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
June 21: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
June 22: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


DOCOMO Booth (D10 & D20, Hall N1)
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China

Booth Highlights

Global Business:
Cross-Border Mobile NFC Services
– Cross-border mobile NFC service (concept): Demonstration of envisioned NFC-based international roaming service between Japan and China for ticketing and mobile payments.
– Integrated mobile NFC services: NFC (FeliCa/Type A/Type B) roaming for Korea-to-Japan (April 2012), Japan-to-Korea (around end 2012) and ultimately all markets.
Services from DOCOMO China
– E-commerce support: One-stop support for multinational companies selling products online (both mobile and PC) in China.
– Hotel management solutions: Cloud-based HotSOS (hotel service optimization system) solutions incorporating automation and process improvement for increased efficiency and guest satisfaction.

New Technologies:
Cloud-based translator phone service: Demonstration of real-time Japanese—Chinese interpretation of mobile phone conversations, a solution integrating the cloud with DOCOMO’s mobile network. (To read about the ongoing trial in Japan:
Cloud-based text translation service: Demonstration of text translation between Japanese and Chinese/English.
Environmental sensor network: Demonstration of nationwide network of sensors, fitted to base stations and other DOCOMO infrastructure in Japan, to collect environmental information, such as temperature, humidity and wind speed, for various services, such as a website that informs users about local pollen levels.
Smartphone sensor jackets: Sensor-equipped phone sleeves
– Breath sensor jacket: Measures odors and alcohol concentration in breath
– Body fat sensor jacket: Measures body fat and muscle ratios
– Interchangeable jacket (weather sensor): Smartphone sleeves with detachable sensor that measures atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and UV. Sensor draws power from smartphone via NFC.
Ultra-quick-charge battery jacket: Sleeve-type smartphone battery that recharges 10 times faster than normal lithium-ion battery.

Navigation solutions: On-board solution turns tablets into mobile systems for car navigation, roadside assistance, insurance inquiries and more.
Location search and navigation: Mobile solution using augmented-reality interface for searching restaurants, shops and other locations.
Mobile value-added services: Demonstration of DOCOMO application for international markets that sends personalized push-based information (news, etc.) to the user’s standby screen.
Disaster preparedness: DOCOMO’s rapid response to the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and new measures for enhanced preparedness.

Presentations by DOCOMO personnel
– Cross-border mobile NFC services
– Global M2M platform
– Business partnerships in Japan
– DOCOMO China’s e-commerce solutions (Chinese only)
– DOCOMO China’s hotel management solutions