b-Mobile No Contract Data Plans
b-Mobile No Contract Data Plans

b-Mobile No Contract Data Plans

b-Mobile No Contract Data Plans

J-Com to sell 3G/LTE sims w/no contract via Amazon. $40 buy & monthly data $25 per 500Mb. Intl roamers plan! http://bit.ly/Mm5Gx3

Full Details in English for b-Mobile International Roaming Plans Here

Machine Translation:

Japan Communications Inc. the online store “Amazon.co.jp announce “high-speed straight-line data in the limited sale Amazon.co.jp to target customers who have purchased a SIM communications package, we will start from today offer high-speed straight-line data services limited sale Amazon.co.jp.

This product is available to DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile network coverage area is ①, has been achieved without the tied dual 1,980 yen per month LTE and 3G network of the fastest levels of mobile ②, the term of the contract ③. Amazon.co.jp is to purchase (¥ 3,150) the SIM package, Once you receive your package, by the application service on the web site dedicated reception, so that you can use the straight-line speed data communications services using the SIM will be. Origin as the day, it can be used up to 500MB each month the Sun has become available. Also, if you use up within one month, but you can also purchase additional service-minute 500MB. (※ 1)

URL product names and products provided

B-mobile high-speed flat-limited sale 4G Amazon.co.jp Japan SIM communication standard package (Mon 500MB / 1 month) BM-AMFRL-500 MB ( http://Www.Amazon.Co.Jp/dp/B00856Q46U )

B-mobile high-speed flat-limited sale 4G Amazon.co.jp Japanese communication micro SIM package (Mon 500MB / 1 month) BM-AMFRL-500MBM ( http://Www.Amazon.Co.Jp/dp/B00856QA4G )

Among smartphone users, and the two mobile data usage of 500MB in January is less than or equal to three people. On the other hand, flat rate data communication of a mobile operator, etc. You may use up to the limit of 7GB, has about 6,000 yen from 5,000 yen per month for two-year contract tied. A lot of users overwhelming, you’re paying a monthly communication fee actually expensive in vain.

“SIM straight-line package” fast Amazon.co.jp limited sale in focusing on the issue of communication of mobile operators charge this type of situation, it was planned as available at reasonable rates for high-speed data communication is. If the month 1GB / is to purchase an additional month 500MB /, all you have (1,980 yen + 1,980 yen additional purchase) 3,960 yen per month fee is used for communication.

President Seiji Sanda Company, said as follows.
SIM “Our business is an embodied as a private company, opening of the mobile phone network to divide the communication services and facilities and communication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the SIM unlock to divide the communication terminal policy MVNO, and communication services, ie. Mobile phone Now sales of the three companies are more than 10 trillion yen, division of roles is performed, the player a variety of entering, going is formed a new industry has huge economic is a natural flow of the economy. that 10 trillion yen to the market with a value that can work on together with partner companies with the most power in the world that like Amazon ®, it ie, as Enabler of Mobile, contribute to the development of the economy by the next generation of true competition is our service I think a great honor, that you can go. ”

MSO = Mobile Service Operator
Available up to 500MB fixed amount each month for $ 1,980 (※ 1). If you use up 500MB, can be purchased for $ 1,980 a 500MB page My b-mobile customers only. For more information: http://www.bmobile.ne.jp

About Japan Communications
May 24, 1996, was born in Japan communication for presenting the way of new mobile services business. 13 years after it, in March 2009, to complete the “business model MSO” by interconnection with NTT DoCoMo, has demonstrated the profitability of this model in less than two years since then. MVNO business, such as authentication technology of real-time by our own advanced technology and efficient operation of the network, creating a unique communications services, to provide our customers with product b-mobile brand, other partner companies and manufacturers and integrators has operations that provide MVNE.