Mediba Brings StrikeAd to Japan
Mediba Brings StrikeAd to Japan

Mediba Brings StrikeAd to Japan

Mediba Brings StrikeAd to Japan

Mediba, KDDI & Hakuhodo JV, announce co-op with StrikeAd to offer the Fusion ad platform in Japan:

mediba Inc. has announced that it will begin offering the mobile-specific DSP[1] “StrikeAd Fusion” provided by StrikeAd for use by advertisers and advertising agencies.

StrikeAd Fusion allows advertisers and advertising agencies to manage and operate multiple mobile ad campaigns from a single platform. StrikeAd Fusion is the world’s first mobile-specific DSP. StrikeAd Fusion makes it possible to better attain advertising campaign goals (such as CPA, CPI, CPC[2]) by automatically learning traffic patterns and predicting the expected result in order to optimize ad performance. StrikeAd Fusion is connected to SSPs[3] which aggregate the media inventory of a large number of Mobile Publishers, who benefit from more targeted buying.
Advertiser users can expect maximal advertising effectiveness.

mediba will work with StrikeAd to help advertisers and advertising agencies maximize advertising impact through the offering of this tool.

1. DSP (Demand-Side-Platform)
An integrated ad campaign management platform developed for advertisers/advertising agencies. It realizes: management of ad distribution settings, purchasing of advertising space through bidding, and verification of results on a single platform.

Cost Per Action, Cost Per Install, Cost Per Click

3. SSP (Supply-Side-Platform)
A service for media companies in which a platform performs optimized distribution of advertisements in order to maximize media profit.

About StrikeAd
StrikeAd is a leading mobile advertising specialist and developer of the world’s first dedicated mobile advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP), allowing media agencies to plan, optimise and deliver effective global mobile advertising campaigns.