DoCoMo M-Health Officially Announced
DoCoMo M-Health Officially Announced

DoCoMo M-Health Officially Announced

DoCoMo M-Health Officially Announced

Hints of this move have be clear for awhile, but now it’s official, DoCoMo continues to be a Smart-pipe:

Machine Translation

The offer start of “docomo Healthcare” (DoCoMo health care)

NTT DoCoMo offer-start-does service “docomo Healthcare” (following DoCoMo health care) which performs a visitor’s health care administration and support of sick prevention from December 1 (Thursday), 2011 using a smart phone etc. With this service, you can use the following functions as “basic contents.”

* “Self check” — Only by replying to an easy question, health condition (40 kinds), such as dropsy of metabolic syndrome danger, a menses trouble, and the body, the degree of insomnia, and the gastroenteric degree of trouble, can be checked for visitor itself.
* “My chart” — Body information, including weight, blood pressure, etc., lifestyles (the amount of drinking, sleeping hours, quantity of motion, etc.), and the result of the self check checked for visitor itself and the results of a medical examination can be recorded and managed.
* “Drug history handbook” — The administration history of the prescribed medicine is recordable.
* “Information retrieval” — The sick hospital information on condition or the neighborhood, and the medicinal use and side effects to worry can be searched.

Moreover, with this service, in addition to the above-mentioned function, I cooperate with the partner of health and the medical field, and offer the “recommended program” which supports action of health care administration and sick prevention.the support program of as small at the beginning of a service start a child as a diet support program “it is Diet MOBILE as it winds” vaccination management, a vaccination scheduler – an application – I offer two recommended programs. From now on, a recommended program will be added one by one.

From now on, DoCoMo will tackle cooperation with partners, such as health and a medical equipment maker, a medical institution, the institution and organization of health and medical relation, a content provider.For example, the environment which can make simply and convenient record and management of own body information and lifestyle without being able to cooperate and a visitor being conscious of a smart phone, and health and medical equipment is improved by cooperating in the business with health and the medical equipment maker. Furthermore, by utilizing a visitor’s record and management data own, it is the optimal for a visitor, and cooperation with content provider is tackled so that the more substantial support service of health care administration or sick prevention can be provided.

Service opening day : 10:00 a.m. on December 1 (Thursday), 2011