DeNA to Acquire Pro Baseball Team
DeNA to Acquire Pro Baseball Team

DeNA to Acquire Pro Baseball Team

DeNA to Acquire Pro Baseball Team

DeNA – parent of Mobage – confirms their intent to acquire 66.92% stake in Yokohama BayStars for approx. $83M:

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Machine Translation:

DeNA (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative director president:Isao Moriyasu, henceforth, DeNA), By the board of directors of holding, it resolves acquiring 66.92% of the issued stocks of the Yokohama BayStars, Inc. from Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. (henceforth, TBS HD) and BS-TBS, Inc. (following BS-TBS) today,TBS HD and BS-TBS, and a share purchase agreement were concluded.

Moreover, we inform you that the affiliation application to a Japanese professional baseball organization (henceforth, NPB) was performed today. In addition, the professional baseball team name is planning the "Yokohama DeNA BayStars."

1. Purpose of Professional Baseball Entry

(1) Contribution to Japanese professional baseball community development

Baseball is a national sport of Japan and is a sport which is the most attached for people. Also in order to contribute to development of future Japanese professional baseball, I think that he would like to puff a new wind in professional baseball team management.The measure which leads to development of a professional baseball community, such as creating a new fan layer from a young generation, is carried out one after another through the service which DeNA provides. By offer of the entertainment which combined "Mobage" which baseball and DeNA manage,New possibilities, such as building the environment which the fan who cannot come can also enjoy, and development of the contents that more than 32 million "Mobage" users become a professional baseball fan, are challenged.

(2) The contribution to a community

You, already very many fans, are in Kanagawa and Yokohama, and also it is an area very attractive also as the nature of the locality.The head office is established in Tokyo, and also it aims at a professional baseball team rooting in Yokohama also as DeNA more than the former, and being loved by you, fans, as the professional baseball team’s owner company is doing professional baseball team management which rooted in local in other areas.For that purpose, cooperation of you, fans, local businesses, and Yokohama is indispensable, and I cooperated also with Yokohama Stadium which is headquarters, and think that he would like to contribute to a community aiming at the management with which the professional baseball team and the stadium were united. Moreover, like the Yokohama BayStars, DeNA thinks that long years are required in order to have you, fans, have familiarity, and the affiliation application was performed on the assumption that a professional baseball team was held at a long period of time.

(3) Improvement in brand value and notability

I think that promotion of healthy training of youth and sports culture and development of regional economy are brought about, and it leads to the brand value of a company, and improvement in notability as a result by achieving the purpose of above-mentioned (1)(2).

2. About team management
Examination towards the production of an attractive team is performed in parallel supposing the thing when new entry makes a formal decision. Each player’s power can be demonstrated to the utmost, and appointment of GM (general manager) which had the outstanding team organization power with it, and a supervisor is performed.Order [ determination ], we announce you.

3. About Professional Baseball Team Management
Cooperation of a stadium and Yokohama thinks that it is indispensable in a professional baseball team’s income-and-outgo improvement, and will advance deliberations to it sincerely from now on.I think that the additional investment to team strengthening or environmental management can become possible, it can be connected with expansion of a fan layer, or the further contribution to a community, and it can contribute to development of a Japanese professional baseball community as a result with the sound management which has improved income and outgo.

4. About Professional Baseball Team Name
Aiming at taking affinity with the area into consideration, and thinking as important that it can have familiarity succeedingly also from the conventional Yokohama baster ズファン, and promoting fan
acquisition vigorously by cooperation with the enterprise of DeNA, it applied as the "Yokohama DeNA BayStars."

5. Outline of Subsidiary Which Transfers

Name The Yokohama BayStars, Inc.
Head office location Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Representative Representative director president Takao Kachi
Business activity The performance of professional baseball, etc.
Capital 100 million yen
Establishment date December 16, 1953
Composition of stockholders and a possession rate Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. 51.54%
BS-TBS, Inc. 17.69%

6. Partner Point of Acquisition of Stock

Name Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.
Head office location Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative director president Shunji Ishihara
Business activity Broadcast associated business, a moving image project, a real estate
enterprise, etc.

Name BS-TBS, Inc.
Head office location Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative director president Kazuo Hiramoto
Business activity The plan of the commission broadcasting industry using a broadcasting
satellite, and various programs, manufacture, sale, etc.

7. Number of Acquisition Stocks, Acquisition Price, and Situation of
Stockholdings before and behind Acquisition

(1) Stockholdings before a change Zero share
(0.00% of a voting-rights rate, 0.00% of a possession rate)
(2) The number of acquisition stocks 870,000 shares
(66.92% of voting-rights rate)
(Acquisition price of 6,500 million yen)
(3) Stockholdings after a change 870,000 shares
66.92% of a voting-rights rate, 66.92% of a possession rate

* The total fund amount of professional baseball team acquisition changes to 9,500 million yen which added 3 billion yen, such as acquisition-of-stock expense of 6,500 million yen, and guarantee money to NPB.
* TBS HD is due to hold 2.31% of all issued stocks succeedingly, and to cooperate with a professional baseball team’s development.

8. Day Degree
Stock transfer is due to be performed after being able to obtain the executive committee of NPB, and recognition in an owners meeting.