Top 50 Android Apps in Japan
Top 50 Android Apps in Japan

Top 50 Android Apps in Japan

Top 50 Android Apps in Japan

Here’s the list for Top 50 Android Apps, according to, in Japan for the week of Sept. 19 – 25th:

Sorry, best effort machine translation below – That should keep you busy for a few hours.. 😎 [Eds]

The 1st place

"Beauty touch FREE"

It will touch as he likes in a beauty, and I will enjoy a reaction.
Mobile one technology


The 2nd place

"NetFront Connect"

Television and PC are connected with an Android terminal and it is media


The 3rd place

"Launcher 7"

The HOME screen just like the appearance of WindowsPhone
Timo Kujala


The 4th place "Viber : Free Calls & Messages"
God — an application — きた! The high-quality sound
toll-free application "Viber" is an appearance to Android at
Viber Media, Inc
The 5th place "Nemus Launcher"
Alternative HOME application which improved compatibility with a pure home
The 6th place "Truck Demolisher LITE" new!!
The Wilde car action game which destroys a passenger car earnestly by huge
Slix Media
The 7th place "App 2 SD Free" (move app to SD) new!!
Easy movement of the application can be carried out at SD card! To
internal memory saving!
Sam Lu
The 8th place "Destroy Gunners F"
3D robot action shooting game of intuition operation!! No charge!!
The 9th place "Dolphin Browser Mini"
An ultralight tab browser faithful to foundations at simple operation
Dolphin Browser
The 10th place "capture なび – Tokyo Disneyland" new!!
Leave the guidance to Tokyo Disneyland to this!
Akira Asakawa
The 11th place "Snapbucket"
a filterful of a camera — an application
Photobucket Corporation
The 12th place "Supersonic"
Run through 3D tunnel at high speed!!
The 13th place "サーニャ widget mini"
The multifunctional widget of a foppish design!!
Mr. Monn
The 14th place "Finger Scanner Lite"
A fingerprint authentication (?) function is carried in Android.
The 15th place "ADW.Launcher"
under subject boil! an easy-to-use Japanese-capable home — application
The 16th place "ecoNetBatteryFree"
The state of a screen is supervised and there are shut [ communication ]
The 17th place "WindHome"
The home screen which equipped the Windows-like start menu
The 18th place "the Emily jump" new!!
Yes, tension dead-run action!
The 19th place "fearful talk which flowed in the network"
Conclusion application of the fearful talk selected carefully! —
The 20th place "Stardunk" new!!
Draw a parabola and opt for a shot!
Godzilab Inc
The 21st place "Photile Live Wallpaper"Joko interactive
Live wallpaper in which a tile will shake like a ripple if it touches
The 22nd place "GhostCam : Spirit Photography"Thepparit Insa
If it is called summer, it will be a season of a spirit photograph. —
The 23rd place "Yumm" new!!Fancygames Ltd
It warns against kawaii けど atrocious !? Being bit!
The 24th place "ココツー" new!!comeax
The communication application which performs short-distance communication
by Bluetooth
The 25th place "LauncherPro"Federico Carnales
an extremely popular home — application! "LauncherPro"!!
The 26th place "the DoCoMo あんしん scan"NTT
Security application of the maca phi cooperation in reliance
The 27th place "イルーナ record-of-war Onlinealpha
Asobimo, Inc.
The Android version of formal MMORPG "イルーナ
record of war Online" appears!
The 28th place "X-Men"Konami Digital Entertainment
The old favorite arcade version "X-Men" appears in an
The 29th place "QR Code scanner"ZXing Team
installation — the indispensable QR Code scanner
The 30th place "woman Carre" new!!CYBIRD
the calendar for a woman — an application
The 31st place "Smart Task Switcher" new!!Kiumiu Soft
An application convenient for task switching!!
The 32nd place "number one – of No.1 GIRL – us"Di molt
Our number one beauty is decided!
The 33rd place "swing game 3rd" new!!kuma360
At a swing, a robot is ブッ jump ?!.
The 34th place "Balloon Hit" new!!SAT-BOX
It is an optimal ? balloon rate game to stress alleviation!
The 35th place "NAVER N drive" new!!NAVER Japan
The application which accesses 30 GB of Web storage which can be used by
NAVER account
The 36th place "ばあ which ドッキリ ! is
not and which is not"
fuate Co., Ltd.
A lovely baby is surprising!
The 37 place "Fingerboard Lite"
Decide a trick with the skateboard manipulated with a finger!
The 38th place "mah-jongg connection" new!!AokiSoft LLC
It bends twice, and I will erase the same mah-jongg pie and will go!
The 39th place "My Country"Cooper Media Corp.
The simulation game which completes its city!
The 40th place "PLAY by AOL Music"AOL
encounter with new music — no charge!! new feeling music — application!
The 41st place "piano lock screen" new!!Bubbleware Technology
I will cancel a lock screen with the music of a piano.
the 42nd place — "– collecting — news – 2ch conclusion Viewer"Naniwa
Popular information is got in a conclusion by る in
The 43rd place "Sleipnir Mobile – web browser"Fenrir Inc.
The Android version appearance of a web browser time-tested by Windows
The 44th place "space invader infinity ジーン"TAITO
It evolves, so that it plays! Completely new space invader!
The 45 place "ギタ – Virtual Guitar Free"NETTuno
The easy guitar with which music bursts in tap & Flick
The 46th place "speed tap" new!!CONOD
It can compete for the total time which carried out the tap of the button
to order from 1.
The 47th place "WidgetLocker Lockscreen"TeslaCoil Software
A lock screen is customized freely! A widget can also be arranged!
The 48th place "Biz sincerity for Android"ITmedia Inc.
Business news is checked by this application!!
The 49th place "today’s attention GIRL"Oricon DD Inc.
A kawaii woman’s fashion snap is checked every day!
The 50th place "revolver る" new!!aoiro
Hit probability quantity past ?!Russian roulette fortune-telling