1Seg Digital TV for Smartphones
1Seg Digital TV for Smartphones

1Seg Digital TV for Smartphones

1Seg Digital TV for Smartphones

SoftBank introduces a new external 1Seg digital TV tuner for smartphones lacking the usual built-in function: http://bit.ly/n8LCjH

Considering just how popular this free-to-air TV service is.. no surprise they moved to fill that obvious gap [Eds]

Softbank BB, Inc. announced it will sell iPhone/iPad and an Android loading terminal by wireless “TV tuner for iPhone/iPad / smart phone” in which viewing and listening and recording of one-segment broadcasting are possible. Sale is started by SoftBank SELECTION agency *2 and an online shop on Fri., September 30, 2011.

1. It is One-segment Broadcasting Viewing and Listening Comfortably by Wireless Connection.
It is necessary to connect neither a cable nor a connector to a terminal, and you can use on various scenes, such as inside of the train of commuting and attending school, for the wireless connection by wireless communications (Wi-Fi).

2. Recording is Also Easy at Exclusive Application.
You install the exclusive free application “TV tuner”, and can enjoy viewing and listening and recording in the easy operation which chooses a program from a channel list.

3. It is Stable Reception by Rod Antenna Loading.
An elastic storing-type rod antenna is carried in this product upper part.The angle of an antenna can be moved freely and one-segment broadcasting viewing and listening can be enjoyed in search of a highly sensitive reception point.

4. Design Stylish with Compact
They are the compact size of about 12 mm of thinness, and the simple and stylish design which made black the keynote.