J-Com Brings IDEOS to Japan
J-Com Brings IDEOS to Japan

J-Com Brings IDEOS to Japan

J-Com Brings IDEOS to Japan

b-mobile to offer sim-free IDEOS handset c/w world 1st mobile IP service, running SIPdroid, in mid-January http://bit.ly/eDP0rw

Machine Translation

Japan Communications Ltd. announced that a mobile Internet protocol telephone of 050 bases was scheduled to begin to be served for the first time in the world than the middle of January putting on the market by the shipment beginning at the end of this week, and unifying lightest, smart phone “IDEOS” of the lightness 100g for this smart phone.

Smart phone “IDEOS” of the lightness 100 the g is a product that Huawei of the portable terminal manufacturer major company is globally developing by the manufacturer brand. Latest Android 2.2.1 can be installed, and a variegated application of Android to say nothing of mail and web be used with SIM free lock and the mobile WiFi router function can be used. A Japanese communication is the one selling it by cooperation with Britain eXpansys Co. that cooperates on the sales side of SIM free product so that the customer in Japan may use IDEOS this time.

In IDEOS, b-mobile SIM U300 to be able to do the fixed amount data communication of ten days is attached and 26,800 yen (including tax and Japan communication b market price). The contract is not accompanied at all, and because it is a buying up type and this price, smart phone bought easily most. Moreover, because the personal identification procedure and the contract procedure are unnecessary, it is possible to buy it by PC/household appliance store and E-commerce and site and others.

The mobile Internet protocol telephone service of 050 bases using the first portable net is scheduled to be provided for the person who uses the telephone call service in the world in the middle of January though only the fixed amount data communication service is attached when buying it. The telephone call basic charge every month is ten yen (To domestic carrying and fixation) for 490 yen (The call charge is contained for 15 minutes) and 30 seconds, and the price busting of the cellular phone charge starts.

Mobility Because the Internet protocol telephone differs from the Internet phone such as Skype, and can use the telephone number that starts by 050 at all telephone calls, sending and arriving can be used by the same usage as a usual cellular phone.

The dedicated software can begin to be installed in the use of this service by establishing of the law after it follows a procedure because the personal identification procedure is necessary, and to use it by giving the telephone number at the same time. When beginning to follow a procedure and to use it, the middle of January is scheduled, and I will announce the period later about details.

2010 year exactly became the age of a smart phone, and a new product was turned on in succession by mobile carriers. However, any product becomes only the premium product of a high-priced belt, the purchase price of a smart phone, the data communication charge of high priced, and the call charge join, and a smart phone is higher than the cellular phone as the total cost.

The Japan communication thinks that “Smart cheaper than the cellular phone, phone” is necessary as the total cost, and has advanced the following approach in three points so that a smart phone may spread rapidly.

(1)Turning on of spread price class global product to Japanese market
IDEOS that the Huawei Co. is globally developing by the manufacturer brand to a Japanese market as it is
(2) The fixed amount data communication is offered especially at a low price for a smart phone.
Fixed amount data communication that can be used with b-mobileSIM U300 for 2,000 yen level
(3) mobility the smart phone call charge is offered by the half the price of the other companies The Internet protocol telephone is turned on.
Mobility “Ten yen for the basic charge 490 yen and 30 seconds” is achieved with the Internet protocol telephone.

If IDEOS is bought for 26,800 yen, the telephone call basic charge of a fixed amount data communication and a mobile Internet protocol telephone becomes in 2,973 yen and this as a monthly sum load even if it matches it and becomes 10 yen for 30 seconds and “Smart phone that can be had with the pocket money” as a call charge that exceeds 15 minutes.

It is a founder of the Japan communication, and President and Representative Director’s Sanda sage 2 is describing as follows.

The Japan communication can achieve opening a portable net for the first time in the world, offer a smart cheaper than the cellular phone the total cost, phone in only 20 months, and be able to receive Christmas in exciting feelings. The most excellent portable net in the world can be used with the cost base, it use even by the Internet protocol telephone protocol etc. without all the restrictions, and the company’s in-house development there It is what achieved for the first time by turning on IP telephony. It is exactly a compilation of results that have been piled up up to now. The Japan communication puts ready and the start dash though the signal gun of SIM lock release will be finally stricken next spring.

[Hat-Tip to PC Watch for the lead]