iPhone in Japan – More Noise to Signal
iPhone in Japan – More Noise to Signal

iPhone in Japan – More Noise to Signal

iPhone in Japan – More Noise to Signal

Another puff article from a big name news org. who really should vet this stuff before going live full of holes and bluster.. http://bit.ly/gkwnUs

Japan iPhone craze attracts global app developers

For years, the typical Japanese cell phone – built to operate on a network hardly used anywhere else in the world..
++ ahh.. that would be called 3G.. which is now finally starting to gain traction elsewhere.. +_+

and why cell phones are called “galakei,” which combines “keitai,” the Japanese word for cell phone, with Galapagos
++ hmm.. how about we ask 100 random folks on the street if they know that term.. just for fun?

Foreign developers of applications for phones didn’t give the Japanese market a second thought because of its insularity.
++ riiight.. considering all the $$ flowing there’s an impressive list of major players, otherwise, very few SME developers based overseas 5-10 years ago & those generally focused closer to home market.

culture that has long had services that charged small fees, such as “i-mode,” are used to paying for their applications.
++ ahah… iPhone = imode.. the darling model born and breed right here in the so-called Galapagos!

Apple takes 30 percent of the application sales, but the rest goes to developers.
++ why no comparison to DoCoMo who only takes 10 percent rev. share from the developers..?!?

But Japan makes up a significant chunk of the 70 million iPhones sold worldwide so far
++ A Significant Chunk.. hardly consider somewhere around 5 percent equates to significant?

Basically the only point in this article that has any real merit is within the last two paragraphs.

Nice job AP.. No disrespect intended.. 🙄