comScore Debut for Mobile in Japan
comScore Debut for Mobile in Japan

comScore Debut for Mobile in Japan

comScore Debut for Mobile in Japan

Official PR for comScore MobiLens searching into Japanese mobile consumer behaviors with some ‘interesting’ results published.

Welcome to the show. A bit confused on some numbers released, with email and text messages showing 54% and 40% respectively.. so 94% does ‘mobile-mail’ then right? It would be good to see the demographics that this report is based on compared to this detailed survey by CIAJ in 2008.

CIAJ Releases Report on the Study of Cellular Phone Use

CIAJ mailed questionnaires to 600 cellular phones users (male: 298, female: 302; by age group, under 20: 98, twenties: 101, thirties: 104, forties: 100, fifties: 98, sixties and above: 99) residing in the larger Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas.

** Note statement above graph under Section 5: Everyday use of various functions and services on their cellular phones were e-mail (90%), camera functions and decorated e-mail (approximately 70%)

comScore Launches Mobile Measurement in Japan

comScore has announced the introduction of its syndicated mobile measurement service, comScore MobiLens, in Japan. MobiLens offers insights into consumers’ mobile behaviors, user demographics and device capabilities, to provide a comprehensive picture of the mobile market. As the first country in Asia where comScore has introduced mobile measurement, Japan joins the U.S, U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain as the seventh individual market reported in MobiLens.

Mobile Behaviors in Japan

Mobile users in Japan displayed substantial usage of mobile media on their devices. In June 2010, nearly 60 million mobile users in Japan accessed the browser on their mobile device, equating to 59.3 percent of the entire mobile audience, while more than 42.6 million users accessed a mobile application (42.3 percent).

More than half of mobile users in Japan (54 percent) accessed email on their mobile device, with more than one-third accessing weather information (34.1 percent) and search (33 percent). News (20.9 percent) and sports information (20.8 percent) were also among the more popular activities, while 17 percent of the mobile population visited social networking sites or blogs.

Other popular mobile behaviors include taking photos (63.0 percent), sending text messages (40.1 percent), watching TV and/or video (22.0 percent), playing games (16.3 percent) and listening to music (12.5 percent).