LiveDoor Reports Location Touch Growth
LiveDoor Reports Location Touch Growth

LiveDoor Reports Location Touch Growth

LiveDoor Reports Location Touch Growth

Location Touch by LiveDoor announces results for 1st 60-days since launching the platform this summer

Machine Translation:

Location information common service “Location touch” exceeded 10,000 users and 200,000 touch in the opening two months.

It was announced that location information common service “Location touch” that Livedoor managed had exceeded 10,000 people of the number of users from the service opening on September 17, 2010 and July 15 in about two months.

The location touch : as location information common service with the smart phone version (browser version) on July 15 The service of the PC version (simple version) begins. August 26 The service release was done in full scale by opening the iPhone application program version and the cellular phone version.

200,000 touch of the number of description touch for the number of 370,000 spots and touch (record), and the day number of average touch is 4300 touch (As of September) to the number of registration spots now.

The sex ratio rate accounts from one’s twenties with high information sensitivity for about 80 percent of the whole in one’s forties high the rate of the man user, and separately at the age like 84% as for the man user and 16% as for the female user. The average of the user age is about 33.6 years old.

Start the addition of the spot and the icon, and the record that the user touched in the location touch The function of the feeding function (β version) etc. offered by feeding three forms of RSS, KML, and ICS is added.

It is scheduled to correspond to the future, the application, API, etc. for “Photograph contribution function” that can contribute the photograph at the same time when touching and the Android terminal and opening to the public, “Mixi check”, and “Facebook”.

Moreover, it was held on 19th – 21st in September, and it was exhibited to “G space EXPO”. The tie-up campaign with a major client is scheduled in a few days.