Wireless Japan – DoCoMo AR Booth
Wireless Japan – DoCoMo AR Booth

Wireless Japan – DoCoMo AR Booth

Wireless Japan – DoCoMo AR Booth

Wireless Japan Tradeshow – DoCoMo Booth – AR Demo including Golf on Youtube video http://bit.ly/c1EjYe

Machine Translation:

For instance, two or more different markers took side with the sightseeing guide chart of DoCoMo town MAP in this exhibition booth, and when the camera of the cellular phone was held up, the building of three dimensions that had been related to the marker and the stereoscopic vision of the character etc. were displayed. The space shuttle launching is displayed in the marker of space, and an original character appears to the cellular phone viewfinder in information (i) marker. When the seen direction is changed, the point that the object of the solid is displayed in the direction corresponding to the angle is interesting.

In addition, the action can be put on these objects. For instance, it is also possible to generate the event if the character that appears on the screen is clicked by the finger and to change the expression of the character. Turning around and a different advertisement in respect can be seen by putting the advertisement on each six dice, and patting it by the finger. It appealed for a new usage of the cellular phone of the Mobile AR technology and the possibility of the expression in a booth here like this.

The demonstration that decorated my environment virtual was prepared as another applied technology in the booth of Mobile AR, too. For instance, surroundings can be projected as if it is in another space through the finder of the cellular phone. The demonstration that decorated in the sea and space, etc. was done in the booth. Fish’s named the devilfish and the swordfish tuna characters swim about in the sea, and production interactive as the character approaches when the user finds them to the viewfinder is possible. These can be applied also to the attraction in the game and Theme Park.

Of course, Mobile AR can be used for not only the amusement field but also the application on a practical side. It is said, “Furniture is made to deal with the marker, and when moving, become an examination material that arranges furniture if it uses it as a floor plan” according to the person in charge. Where in the room furniture is put can be confirmed on a virtual space beforehand. The impression that Mobile AR had potential power to transform the cellular phone as the communications means to the device that had evolved more was received.

It was remarkable as a technology epoch-making “Intuition retrieval” that foretold the Kon futurity of the cellular phone, too. Power or more improves, and it is announced as “Intuition retrieval powered by ZENRIN DataCom” for making to the business this year though this technology has already been exhibited in last year’s event. The evaluation version that can correspond to the navigation for on foot/bicycle while using the map data of this company by what developed in cooperation with Zenrin Co., Ltd. DataComm is scheduled to be offered in September. I hear becoming availably about 600,000 data such as stores and the main spots in the whole country.

In a current retrieval, it was necessary to input the word by retrieval by keyword separately. However, such a troublesome operation becomes unnecessary at the intuition retrieval. First of all, the direction of the place to be retrieved is seen with the camera installed in the cellular phone. Then, a peripheral store and the icon of establishment etc. come up in the space by the AR mode.

The photograph in the town in Ginza was put on the exhibition booth as a wallpaper, and various information was displayed only by holding up carrying toward there. If the cellular phone is inclined, it is possible to switch from the AR mode to the map mode. And, when the place where it wants to go is selected, the navigation is done to the destination in the map. Even a user not good at the map will be able to reach the destination at last easily hesitatingly.

In addition, information in the surrounding can be narrowed by specifying the direction and the range that brandishes the cellular phone, and retrieves in “Throw retrieval” function. The direction can be squeezed in the direction that shakes carrying, and the range of the retrieval be specified by strength of the transfer. “It wants to search for target facilities as much as possible in a direction near the station” It is possible to meet concrete needs, too. It is a conception of using man’s action for the search technique, and it can be said the example to which the cellular phone functions as a humanity interface.

Moreover, the function of “LogTwi” where communications were able to be taken with the friend by cooperating with Twitter of the fashion recently was introduced. This is a mechanism that user’s information can be shared the history (log) when the retrieval and the navigation are done by using intuition Nabis is muttered with Twitter as for each other though this is “It is loose” pastern. Gourmet’s named [gurunabi]” and “”FoodMoo” contents are sure to be scheduled to be added one by one in the future, and to extend also the scene of the more use.

Moreover, the demonstration exhibition is done as an application of intuition Nabis as for “Golf version intuition Nabis powered by Shot Navi”. It can know the direction and distance [gawo]. only whether the cellular phone is held up in the one that it is possible to use it in an actual golf course by the same principle as the above-mentioned intuition Nabis, and where it is the troubles such as bunkers and pondsIt is said that this will schedule the offer to start in August by Parr 72 plaza Ltd. where the data of the golf course all over Japan is offered. All almost golf courses of (99%) are covered, and this company’s practical use degree is also considerably high in Japan.

Tracks and the distance of a jump of the shot are measured, and an automatic input of the score is also possible. register the played point to use the GPS function of the cellular phoneIn addition, what kind of club do I only have to use, and it advises. The message and data with other parties can be shared because there is a network coordinated function, too.

This golf version intuition Nabis’s trial copy is already available from “Everyone’s DoCoMo laboratory”. You may try interesting one once by all means though the target model is “Xperia” and “HT-03A

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