Idol Master – AR Demo by KDDI
Idol Master – AR Demo by KDDI

Idol Master – AR Demo by KDDI

Idol Master – AR Demo by KDDI

Wireless Japan Tradeshow – KDDI Booth – AR Demo including Idol Master Game by Bandai with SekaiCamera

Machine Translation:

Technology AR that overlaps electronic information with real space and enhances man’s recognitionRecently, various services appears along with making of a mobile terminal high performance for mobility. Especially famous in Japan is application program for a smart phone “[Sekaikamera]. “This application program uses the location information of the terminal, and displays “Cork with the electron” that is called “Air tag” in the image that the camera projects. The comment of the user who visited information on the shop in the direction where the camera was held up and the place floats on the space as air tag, and information on the town not seen can be inspected to eyes.

[Sekaikamera] ZOOM of KDDI is an application program when frankly saying for the au carrying of [sekaikamera]. However, the air tag not only is piled up to the camera image but also AR of original KDDI technological “Real space seeing through cellular phone” is a base, distant air tag is examined by the CG map, and worth and an original function are installed. It doesn’t limit to [sekaikamera] in the future in KDDI and it aims at the construction of “AR a browser” that can inspect various AR contents.

“In the construction of AR a browser, the image recognition is very important. “――It is sub-[rei] Kobayashi in the KDDI laboratory that takes charge of [sekaikamera] ZOOM development to talk so. In the AR service that uses the location information of the terminal, it is one problem to cause the gap by the accuracy of the location information in a real space and AR contents, and challenges the solution this time by an original image-recognition technique.

The error margin at the position is caused by every several meters so that AR of the location information base may basically arrange contents based on the measurement result of GPS. It is still difficult to arrange contents in the pinpoint though the positional precision has been improved using the technology such as “PlaceEngine” that calculate the position from radio field strength of wireless LAN together.

On the other hand, the function cannot be naturally used in the place where the marker is not set up though a lot of technologies of “Marker type AR” that recognizes a specific image pattern (AR marker) like iPhone application program “Love plus i” and displays contents are used. It is said, “Processing is too heavy for the feature phone” (Mr. Kobayashi) though the AR technology that is called PTAM that recognizes the space without the marker is announced.

In the state to take this technology, the camera image on [sekaikamera] ZOOM achieves 10fps and a comparatively smooth description. Moreover, an increase in power consumption by having taken the image recognition has been installed on “Range of error” (Mr. Kobayashi). The time of making to the business is called a perfection only to install it in a business application program technically though is undecided.

In addition, “High-speed background area extraction function” is installed in the development version as another image-recognition technique. The expression of hiding the AR character in the building that is for instance forward to recognize the building of the background and this side and being displayed becomes possible.

This company has want a useful idea of such an image-recognition technique for the development of advertisement and EC only of the AR game and AR. In the demonstration of the booth, the collaboration with popular game “Idol mastering” of [bandainamukoge-musu] was accomplished, and unique “Eye mass space” that made use of the image-recognition technique in the diorama was constructed.

Then, the image-recognition technique like “Middle of the marker type and PTAM” (Mr. Kobayashi) in addition to the AR technology of a past location information was taken in this development version [sekaikamera] ZOOM. Concretely, it develops based on software library “ARToolKit” of marker type AR by the technology that in real time recognizes an object rectangular (rectangle and square) that reflects in the camera.

In usual ARToolKit, a feature marker like the QR code is necessary. However, the marker (,for instance, the signboard to specify the object based on the feature vector of the color etc. in the rectangle and the poster) is put up in [sekaikamera] ZOOM and the string is put up “Something ..square..” not given and contents. Moreover, contents are downloaded beforehand at the stage where the position of the terminal was measured just like usual air tag, and the collation of the feature vector and contents is done at local and high speed. Therefore, contents are immediately reproduced when sitting in the object. Via: IT Media