Xperia Tops Japan Sales in May
Xperia Tops Japan Sales in May

Xperia Tops Japan Sales in May

Xperia Tops Japan Sales in May

According the this article [JPN] in the Yomiuri Shimbun, quoting BCN Rankings, the Xperia by Sony Ericsson took top spot here last month with the iPhone 16GB dropping to 4th place.

Machine Translation:

Xperia acquired 1st place popularly in May. It might be a factor that it refrains from restyling in addition to the popularity of the terminal, and a powerful rival candidate did not appear newly. Let’s attach from the data of “BCN ranking” to three main careers and NTT DoCoMo and KDDI(au) mobile Softbank similarly, and introduce top 10 respectively during month of May, 2010.

First of all, from NTT DoCoMo. Smart phone “Xperia SO-01B” made of a Sony Ericsson mobile communications acquires 1st place continuously last month. The order was raised again, and keeping did the seat in 1st place during month though the shortage of stock affected, and there was a week that had become ten top out of the spheres in next total during the week, too. The entire cellular phone only according to no career it limited to the terminal of DoCoMo is 1st place.

2nd place is “Basic [rakuraku] phone II F-07A. ” made by Fujitsu. “[Rakuraku] phone 6 F-10A” of the same “[Rakuraku] phone” series is in 6th place, too. 3rd place was “AQUOS SHOT SH-01B” made by Sharp.

A high-end model made by Sharp is always steady popularity. It provided with the waterproof and dustproof, and new model “AQUOS SHOT SH-07B” of the sale was [rankuin]ed to 7th place on May 28 when taking a picture of the full high-definition television movie of 1920×1080 dot was possible. It will be able to be said a considerable, good start if it is thought the data on four after it puts it on the market. Here seems to enter the high rank in place of “SH-01B” after June.

There was a change in top 3, and as for KDDI(au), “K003” of the sale came from “Easy cellular phone” series made by Kyocera in 1st place in August, 2009 and “K004” of the sale came in 3rd place in February, 2010. Numbers of sales seem to have expanded suddenly apparently because of “Mother’s Day” demand. “SH004” made by Sharp that was the first last month place applies 2nd place.

Softbank mobility (SoftBank) is all the same as last month from 1st place to 4th place. 16GB model of “iPhone” of Apple occupies it, and 1st place and 32GB model occupy and iPhone occupies the high rank with 2nd place as usual.

Numbers of sales for the entire cellular phone in May decreased almost from last month with the new life demand, excluded au by which a simple cellular phone had raised the order, and top 10 became the same personnel as April. It is an impression that the model is hidden in the topic of “iPad” of Apple like the middle of a personal computer and a smart phone in the summer of 2010 announced from each career at middle of May, too and the impact is lacked a little because of the usual.

The model will enter the high rank of the ranking in the summer of 2010 put on the market from each career to say nothing of the model put on the market one by one in June. I want to continue leaving others far behind as it is “Xperia” or to pay attention to the future move. (BCN Sagano [**bi])

*”BCN ranking” is a real data base where the POS data is collected and totaled from the main household appliance store in the whole country every day. This targets 128 articles from the main body of the personal computer to the digital consumer electronics on the scale on which about 40 percent of the over-the-counter market in Japan is covered.