Opera's Widgets Become KDDI's Gadgets
Opera's Widgets Become KDDI's Gadgets

Opera's Widgets Become KDDI's Gadgets

Opera's Widgets Become KDDI's Gadgets

We missed the this one somehow last week, KDDI has announced Opera Widgets will be available in December on three of their latest handsets; Toshiba W56T, Sony Ericsson W54S and Sanyo W54SA. Branded as “au one Gadget” by KDDI, the widgets provide instant access to services such as RSS feeds, game results, weather, traffic information, stocks, news, and social networking services. This is the first time Opera Widgets have shipped on mobile phones.

The au one Gadget is a Web application made with open standards. Users can download their favorite Gadget to their handsets. The Gadget runs on the device’s idle screen. Users can download more than one Gadget to their device. To toggle a Gadget on the idle screen, push the “left” or “right” buttons to cycle quickly through gadgets.

“We are confident that au one Gadget will be a key application for our mobile phones,” says Takashi Nagashima, General Manager, Consumer Service & Product Planning Division, KDDI. “Furthermore, for mobile application developers, au one Gadget is an easy-to-use application platform. Many content providers have already decided to create their original Gadget. With Gadgets technology available, mobile phones can become almost anything the users want.”

Here’s the list of pre-installed widgets Gadgets from their announcement:

Au one transfer gadget Nabis time
Au one newly arrived information gadget KDDI Ltd.
Au Auctions gadget Mobaoc & Ltd. of KDDI Ltd.
Disney gadget Walt Disney Japan Ltd.
Idol compatibility diagnosis Kodansha Ltd.
Sanrio gadget Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Turning over grandma at day
Dressing substitution puzzle Ga mode Ltd.
Shueisha cartoon capsule gadget
Cellular phone boy jump gadget Shueisha, Inc.
Great detective Conan gadget Shogakukan, Inc.
Scenigajet Square Enix Ltd.
What day is it today? Bonn Birman
Crossing word one question a day Hudson Ltd.
Handy comic gadget Bit way Ltd.