Hitachi and Alvarion Partner on WiMax
Hitachi and Alvarion Partner on WiMax

Hitachi and Alvarion Partner on WiMax

Hitachi and Alvarion Partner on WiMax

Hitachi and Alvarion have agreed to develop Broadband Mobile Wireless Access System using Mobile WiMAX technology jointly in Japan and overseas market. The goal of this agreement is to develop system solutions, combining base station technology of Alvarion with the mobile gateway technology, construction and maintenance technology of Hitachi. Alvarion also announced activity in this space recently with NTT West in Okinawa.

According to the press release:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has developed the license policy of 2.5 GHz band. WiMAX is considered as the most likely candidate for Broadband Mobile Wireless Access Systems. To establish WiMAX technology, the base station, which can transmit broadband data stably, and the mobile management technology, which can realize seamless handover between base stations, are needed.

Hitachi Com is in charge of developing ASN-GW, which has the following features:

(1) The common platform architecture is applied from a small system to very large systems so that it can flexibly be expanded along by the future traffic increase through separating protocol processor from traffic processor.

(2) It has a non-stop configuration to realize the quality of carrier grade so that it can switch to the redundant system without giving any impact to other equipment such as base stations and mobile stations through mirroring of operation information and instantaneous transfer of IP addresses.

(3) It has extremely high-speed packet processing performance through the use of high performance ASN-GW engine of which capability is expected to be 10 (ten) times or more when compared with Hitachi Com’s current products.

Alvarion is in charge of developing high performance macro/micro base stations, which have the following features.

(1) The realization of the reduction in size and weight by function aggregation. (unified RF parts and digital processing parts, 30% less power consumption and 50% less mass), Reduction of installation work cost.

(2) It is compatible with AAS and MIMO which are key features in the WiMAX ForumTM Wave 2 specifications. As a result of combining MIMO and AAS together, effective cell design can be accomplished easier and both area coverage and system capacity increase.

(3) The realization of low power consumption in the RF portion with the advanced technologies such as DPD and CFR.