ACCESS Adds New ACE Partners
ACCESS Adds New ACE Partners

ACCESS Adds New ACE Partners

ACCESS Adds New ACE Partners

ACCESS has announced the addition of eight new members to the growing roster of companies supporting its ACCESS Linux Platform and NetFront browser technologies through the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) global partner program. The addition of the eight new members brings the total number ACE partners to over 65. ACE partners work closely with ACCESS to expand the mobile Linux market and help fuel the growth of converged technologies and devices.

The newest members of the ACE global partner program announced today include:

CodeSourcery, Inc. (
California, USA. CodeSourcery builds software tools that enable its customers to get the most out of hardware platforms ranging from embedded devices to supercomputers. Sourcery G++, a complete software development environment based on the GNU Toolchain, is the leading choice for software engineers, operating system vendors, semiconductor companies and device manufacturers.

Fluendo, S.A. (
Barcelona, Spain. Fluendo, leader in GNU/Linux and UNIX multimedia solutions, is the company that has been funding, redesigning and improving the GStreamer framework. With strong multimedia expertise on PC and embedded device platforms, Fluendo provides codec implementations for GStreamer and a modular media center framework called Elisa.

Mentor Graphics Corporation (
Oregon, USA. Mentor Graphics is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronics and semiconductor companies.

Movial Corporation (
Helsinki, Finland. Movial delivers software and services for the IP communications market that promote seamless convergence on unified multimedia messaging, voice calls, video calls, video share and others.

MOZAT Pte Ltd. (
Shanghai, China. MOZAT develops carrier-grade and enterprise-class mobile solutions for enterprises, mobile carriers, software providers and device manufacturers. MOZAT mobile software solutions help users access everything in their digital world, including push e-mail, remote desktop documents, instant messaging, mobile video, Web information by push RSS and PIM synchronization and mobile search.

OpenedHand Ltd. (
Bromley, United Kingdom. OpenedHand creates, adapts and improves Unix- and Linux-based open source software for consumer-facing mobile and embedded devices.

Sigmatrix Technology Corporation (
Beijing, China. Sigmatrix is a leading provider of barcode and 2D message technology in China.

UnisCode, Inc. (
Beijing, China. UnisCode product lines cover barcode protocol and software, cross-platform mobile phone software and embedded fingerprint and OCR software. The company is one of the Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises in China and has won numerous awards, including the National Technology Invention Award.

ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program
The ACE partner program is designed to create an ecosystem of world-class partners that will unleash the potential of the digital life generation by driving development and adoption of new mobile converged technologies and solutions. As part of its strategy to enable a truly connected world, the ACE partner program is an integral component in the delivery of interconnected products.