Kyocera and Lockdown Networks Announce Strategic Relationship
Kyocera and Lockdown Networks Announce Strategic Relationship

Kyocera and Lockdown Networks Announce Strategic Relationship

Kyocera and Lockdown Networks Announce Strategic Relationship

Kyocera Communication Systems and Lockdown Networks, Inc., today announced that they have formed a Strategic Relationship through which KCCS will bring Lockdown’s market-leading Lockdown Enforcer product line to Japan. “Enforcer is by far the best fit with the needs of real-world customers that must ensure their networks are protected from attacks by worms, viruses, spyware, unauthorized access, and other endpoint-based threats to their network,” said Yoshihito Kurose, Director and Senior General Manager of KCCS’s IP Service Group. “Lockdown NAC was the logical choice, because it works with customers’ existing switch and wireless access point infrastructure, supports all IP-devices anywhere in the network, operates continuously rather than just at time of admission, and takes decision-making input from a wide variety of sources.”  

KCCS, already a leader in the network security market in Japan, believes Network Access Control (NAC) is the essential foundation on which to build the next generation of enterprise security infrastructure. After an extensive evaluation of the various products claiming to serve the NAC needs of customers, KCCS selected Lockdown’s Enforcer product line.

KCCS also cited Lockdown NAC’s ease of deployment as an important factor in their decision. “The fact Lockdown Enforcer can operate with any switching fabric, works with and without agents, and does not need to sit inline to be fully effective make this a particularly customer-friendly product,” said Yoshihito Kurose. “Lockdown’s unique architecture secures the network without impacting it’s performance or scalability. And because Lockdown has made it simple and intuitive to create business-driven policies, our customers will be able to quickly realize the benefits of greatly enhanced network security through policy compliance.”

KCCS expects Lockdown Enforcer to complete the powerful suite of network security products and services they offer to customers, including their own NetBureau Integrated Authentication Service, Ecora’s Patch Manager and Auditor, nCircle’s IP360, and Tripwire.

According to Lockdown CEO Brett Helsel, formerly the CTO and Senior Vice President of Product Development at F5 Networks, the KCCS relationship is a major milestone in the company’s growth. “KCCS has evaluated both the opportunity and the players very carefully, so we are especially honored to have been chosen. The Japanese market is an extremely important one for us, and with their deep expertise in network security and large market presence, KCCS is the perfect partner to work with in Japan.”

KCCS and Lockdown will finalize their relationship within the month, and plan to begin taking Enforcer to customers soon thereafter. A fully-localized version is expected to be available by mid-year.

About Kyocera Communications Systems, Ltd. (KCCS)
Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd (KCCS) was established in 1995, providing hosting services, system integration and total IT outsourcing solutions to large enterprises throughout Japan. With a focus on five businesses: Business solution, IP Services, IT Platforms, Telecommunications Engineering, and Management Consulting, KCCS provides high value-add services and solutions for numerous companies in the IT and network sector. The KCCS group has a worldwide employee base of about 1800. For more information on KCCS, visit

About Lockdown Networks, Inc.
Lockdown(TM) Networks, Inc. is the leading provider of turnkey Network Access Control (NAC) solutions that maximize network security, without impacting network performance. Lockdowns’ NAC delivers enterprise-wide security policy enforcement to maximize network uptime and productivity, while reducing compliance costs. Lockdown NAC ensures all users and devices conform to security policies and access only appropriate resources, while unauthorized users and non-compliant devices are locked out of the network for quarantine and remediation. Lockdown NAC is delivered on a suite of highly scalable appliances: Lockdown(TM) Enforcer, Auditor, Commander, and AuditPoint. For more information, visit