KDDI to Release 3G Router – FITELnet-F120 – Using CDMA 1X WIN Network
KDDI to Release 3G Router – FITELnet-F120 – Using CDMA 1X WIN Network

KDDI to Release 3G Router – FITELnet-F120 – Using CDMA 1X WIN Network

KDDI to Release 3G Router – FITELnet-F120 – Using CDMA 1X WIN Network

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. will release a broadband router corresponding to high-speed data transmission service CDMA 1X WIN provided by the au cellular phone of KDDI “FITELnet-F120” at the end of January. “FITELnet-F120” is a product that can use the network of CDMA 1X WIN that enables the high-speed data transmission of 2.4Mbps or less as WAN service by following VPN function and backup function to get popular in the FITELnet-F series, and installing card “W01K” for CDMA 1X WIN in “FITELnet-F120” 

Quite a lot of cases to compose the backup line of the WAN service so that the network reliability may improve come to advance rapidly making to broadband on a corporate network. However, when the backup line was used, operation of limiting the application was often compelled, and the WAN service was requested from the narrowband ISDN from the communication frequency of the backup operation suitable wideband.
Moreover, the number also of cases where the connection of the network in the office of temporary (temporary use by the event of the exhibition etc.), that the line contract by cable was difficult is requested increased, and to meet these needs, the commercialization of “FITELnet-F120” was executed.

KDDI sells corporate “FITELnet-F120” by the partnership with Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. around the backup usages of the WAN services such as “KDDI IP-VPN service” and “KDDI Internet VPN service”. Moreover, the nationwide on-site maintenance (It is a type for type at 9-17 o’clock and 24 hours of the weekday ׳65 days) will be done standard installation construction by a nationwide uniform charge, set up the unitary maintenance window with KDDI, and correspond.
KDDI is the only entrepreneur who can offer a fixed communication and a mobile communication by one, and the differentiation with the other companies is aimed at as FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergency: fix and unite of mobility) commodity, and it develops positively.
The outline etc. of “FITELnet-F120” are next page.

Note 1)  IPsec
Method to achieve VPN. It was settled on in the IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force) working group that was the standardization group of the internetworking. The forwarding data (packet) is constructed, and the falsification of data and tapping by the route are prevented by decrypting it tunneling the encryption on the way, and network (VPN) where security was secured can be constructed.
– 1. Feature of FITELnet-F120 (1)  For CDMA 1X WIN
The function to confirm the state of the electric wave of the device by way of a WWW browser, and to limit the connection by the amount of the packet that is the following amount account and to consider the backup of the WAN services such as so ons and IP-VPN corresponding to the SMS callback function (note 2) is supported.

Note 2)  SMS callback function
Function corresponding to central push service that KDDI provides. It is a function that the connection to CDMA 1X WIN by “FITELnet-F120” can be operated from a central site, and there is an advantage ..application of the central delivery type.. applicable.

(2)  High performance
“FITELnet-F100” whose throughput of IPsec is a product so far is followed, and a high performance has been achieved.

(3)  The backup composition of CDMA 1X WIN is supported.
It gets popular in the FITELnet-F series, and the backup automatic operation change at the trouble and cutting and the function of the return etc. are achieved and “CDMA 1X WIN” is achieved.

– 2. System configuration chart

– 3. Release time Beginning schedule at the end of January in 2005