Casio's New 3G W21CA Handset
Casio's New 3G W21CA Handset

Casio's New 3G W21CA Handset

Casio's New 3G W21CA Handset

Casio Computer is the first in the industry. * The cellular phone which utilizes the “Wide View style” which the 2.6 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal rotates, and can carry out skilled [ of the colorful service of WIN(s), such as EZ channel and high-speed data transmission, ]. Delivery is started to KDDI, Inc.

* Set to the cellular phone in Japan. As of October, 2004 Investigation of our company.

CDMA 1X WIN correspondence “W21CA” and 2.6 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal realizes the highly minute display of 240×400 dots (they are 240×320 dots conventionally). It is to which the big screen wide liquid crystal excellent in list nature comes, and the rotating “Wide View style”, and is the cellular phone which can enjoy the colorful function and WIN service of seeing EZ web and the site for PC which take creation of mail, and a photograph, and which listen to music etc. in the optimal style.

The “Wide View style” which 2.6 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal (240×400 dots) rotates

“PC site viewer” is carried.
Perusal of the WEB page for PCs is possible on the screen of a cellular phone. Since a WEB page is automatically arranged in accordance with the screen of a cellular phone, sites, such as reference and shopping, are seen with the same feeling as PC. The often used page can be cut off, it can be specified as a wide screen, and the newest information can always be displayed. * There is a WEB page which cannot be displayed in part.

EZ”– Music — full ™” correspondence
Furthermore, he can be enjoyed in the force sound which has presence in the newest hit song or favorite music by the SARAUNDO twin speaker and the enclosed stereo earphone. moreover, the downloaded music — it is also possible to edit and to set it as arrival-of-the-mail sound

The camera / movie function of fullness Taking advantage of the “Wide View style”, it had like a digital camera and the camera function with 2 million-pixel AF which can be photoed, and the movie function which can record QVGA size on videotape were carried. The TV program, movies, etc. including the photoed movie recorded on videotape on animation contents, such as EZ movie, or the miniSD™ memory card can be enjoyed on a wide screen.

In addition to the smooth form, the metal material of a design used for the circumference of a lens is suitable to the WIN cellular phone which condensed high efficiency, and it is brewing a feeling of the near future. Brown in whom a color tone differs from aluminum silver and the “JIENESHISU silver” with which the contrast of solid black gives a city-impression delicately was combined, and it had in stock two colors of “EVIRU Brown” who directed a grown-up atmosphere.